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    marty working great as always. this looks so good. they could also CHANGE SUPPLIES weather images in the theme (now) to insert. as in uniaw6? And yes GPS would be really great.I'm from Berlin in Germany, they could insert my pictures from Berlin to the topic (visuals). I get it back, unfortunately not.this is really a LS with very much information. Mur still missing a calendar.
    2013-06-12 11:30 AM
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    can someone tell me how to show your own pictures? I tried it, in which I have simply replaced a picture, but unfortunately I did then just a black screen. Or go no HD images? Have an iphone 4s with 6.1.2'm Happy about every hint.
    2013-06-14 02:18 PM
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    can someone tell me how to show your own pictures? I tried it, in which I have simply replaced a picture, but unfortunately I did then just a black screen. Or go no HD images? Have an iphone 4s with 6.1.2'm Happy about every hint.
    Hi scooterfips,

    Update After I wrote this post I started thinking...which pictures are you talking about! LOL! AND, which theme (wedaPanel or Simple Mind)? My post below refers to the wedaPanel theme and the Timed Walls on the lockscreen itself...

    Without having to change any lines of code in the files, are you just putting an additional folder with your own pictures in the theme > wedaPanel > images folder? If so, what did you name your own folder? An easy way would be to rename the original folder =
    24hourBlissWalls1 to ORIGINAL_24hourBlissWalls1 and then name your own picture folder 24hourBlissWalls1.

    It should work with HD photos? I tired an HD photo that is 320 X 568 and it works perfectly. You have to be sure to use the same, exact naming convention as the original pictures OR go into the theme.xml file (within the "theme" folder) and put in your own file names and file extensions. If the theme.xml is looking for a picture called 3pm.jpg and you name your own picture 3pm.gif it will not work. The theme.xml and your pictures names must match exactly. I have a folder with 24 different pictures and some are .JPGs and some are .GIFs and the theme.xml corresponds to those files. The .GIFs work great too!

    Example in the XML:
    <image code="00" name="midnight.gif" legend="00:00 / midnight"/>
    <image code="01" name="1am.png" legend="01:00 / 1 am"/>
    <image code="02" name="2am.png" legend="02:00 / 2 am"/>
    <image code="03" name="3am.gif" legend="03:00 / 3 am"/>
    <image code="04" name="4am.png" legend="04:00 / 4 am"/>
    <image code="05" name="5am.gif" legend="05:00 / 5 am"/>
    <image code="06" name="6am.gif" legend="06:00 / 6 am"/>
    <image code="07" name="7am.gif" legend="07:00 / 7 am"/>
    <image code="08" name="8am.png" legend="08:00 / 8 am"/>
    <image code="09" name="9am.gif" legend="09:00 / 9 am"/>
    <image code="10" name="10am.gif" legend="10:00 / 10 am"/>
    <image code="11" name="11am.png" legend="11:00 / 11 am"/>
    <image code="12" name="noon.gif" legend="12:00 / noon"/>
    <image code="13" name="1pm.png" legend="13:00 / 1 pm"/>
    <image code="14" name="2pm.png" legend="14:00 / 2 pm"/>
    <image code="15" name="3pm.gif" legend="15:00 / 3 pm"/>
    <image code="16" name="4pm.gif" legend="16:00 / 4 pm"/>
    <image code="17" name="5pm.png" legend="17:00 / 5 pm"/>
    <image code="18" name="6pm.gif" legend="18:00 / 6 pm"/>
    <image code="19" name="7pm.png" legend="19:00 / 7 pm"/>
    <image code="20" name="8pm.png" legend="20:00 / 8 pm"/>
    <image code="21" name="9pm.gif" legend="21:00 / 9 pm"/>
    <image code="22" name="10pm.gif" legend="22:00 / 10 pm"/>
    <image code="23" name="11pm.png" legend="23:00 / 11 pm"/>

    Here's the original in the .XML:
    <image code="00" name="midnight.png" legend="00:00 / midnight"/>
    <image code="01" name="midnight.png" legend="01:00 / 1 am"/>
    <image code="02" name="midnight.png" legend="02:00 / 2 am"/>
    <image code="03" name="11pm.png" legend="03:00 / 3 am"/>
    <image code="04" name="10pm.png" legend="04:00 / 4 am"/>
    <image code="05" name="8pm.png" legend="05:00 / 5 am"/>
    <image code="06" name="4pm.png" legend="06:00 / 6 am"/>
    <image code="07" name="3pm.png" legend="07:00 / 7 am"/>
    <image code="08" name="3pm.png" legend="08:00 / 8 am"/>
    <image code="09" name="3pm.png" legend="09:00 / 9 am"/>
    <image code="10" name="noon.png" legend="10:00 / 10 am"/>
    <image code="11" name="noon.png" legend="11:00 / 11 am"/>
    <image code="12" name="noon.png" legend="12:00 / noon"/>
    <image code="13" name="noon.png" legend="13:00 / 1 pm"/>
    <image code="14" name="noon.png" legend="14:00 / 2 pm"/>
    <image code="15" name="noon.png" legend="15:00 / 3 pm"/>
    <image code="16" name="3pm.png" legend="16:00 / 4 pm"/>
    <image code="17" name="3pm.png" legend="17:00 / 5 pm"/>
    <image code="18" name="3pm.png" legend="18:00 / 6 pm"/>
    <image code="19" name="3pm.png" legend="19:00 / 7 pm"/>
    <image code="20" name="4pm.png" legend="20:00 / 8 pm"/>
    <image code="21" name="8pm.png" legend="21:00 / 9 pm"/>
    <image code="22" name="10pm.png" legend="22:00 / 10 pm"/>
    <image code="23" name="midnight.png" legend="23:00 / 11 pm"/>

    Good luck and let us know if it works out.
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    2013-06-18 07:55 AM
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    When I add full size weather walls the image is displayed too large. What would I need to change in the code without having to resize the images to 320x480? TIA
    2013-06-18 02:03 PM
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    I've noticed most lockscreens fit an image automatically to the width of the screen. This one doesn't do that.
    2013-06-21 05:39 PM
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    Good Evening Everyone! (or Good Morning as the case may be!),

    I've been spending a lot time modifying/BUUFing out this wonderful (Lockscreen Only) wedaPanel Weather Theme for iPhone 5.

    So I won't have to rewrite my entire post within this thread, here is a link to the BUUF iPhone 5 HD thread here on ModMyi. Please see my post #1385..

    I hope you enjoy it! There are several options you can select within my modded version...

    Total and absolute Credit (and BIG, BIG THANKS for all of his help) for wedaPanel and Simplemind weather themes goes out to "storyr" for his clever and absolute brilliant coding on the entire theme and themePump!!!

    Credits and a BIG Thanks (as always!) go out to Doreen! Her BUUF Threads here on ModMyi for all of her Artwork Mods and creative rendering and coding can be found here and here.

    Of course, another BIG Thanks goes out to Mattahan/Paul Davey (the original and BRILLIANT creator of Buuf): see mattahan on deviantART

    Additional thanks go out to the Great BUUF & ModMyi community members for their guidance, suggestions and help!


    w&#277;daPanel - interactive weather for the lockscreen-img_2920.png w&#277;daPanel - interactive weather for the lockscreen-img_2946.png w&#277;daPanel - interactive weather for the lockscreen-img_2948.pngw&#277;daPanel - interactive weather for the lockscreen-img_2955.png w&#277;daPanel - interactive weather for the lockscreen-img_2956.png
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    2013-07-01 07:39 AM
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