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    This is a slightly bizarre request.

    So I am helping someone do a video installation. He has a video on his ipod touch, and he wants it to play without ever stopping. Now I jailbroke the ipod (1G, 3.1.2), and set the video in the background. What I want to do now is make it such that if you touch the ipod screen or the buttons, nothing happens.

    Yes, I want the ipod to do NOTHING except play the video. And I want there to be no way to stop the video or do anything else on the ipod.

    I know this sounds stupid. I know that it defeats the whole purpose of an ipod. I know it sounds like a waste of an ipod. But I'm working for him, and he wants it done.

    So I'm asking what files should I delete in Cyberduck or what should I do to make the ipod completely unresponsive.
    2009-11-03 06:50 PM
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    To make it from never turning off (just be sure that it is plugged in at all times and you have something external to cool it off, otherwise it will overheat and seize) you can simply go to settings and deactivate auto-sleep. Is this device in risk of being touched? Otherwise you could simply put the device in a case with glass over it, preventing the device from being touched. To make it unresponsive, you could disconnect the buttons and the screen (though that'd be very difficult to have it send the video message but not allow it to receive touches). You could hide all of the icons and have a skin that would remove the bars at the top and the bottom, that way the screen wouldn't do anything. To make it unresponsive from a software prospective, you'd have to mess with the OS, and that is not advisable.
    2009-11-06 03:01 AM

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