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    I never really announced the launch of this theme, but the latest update (1.1.1) should stick around for a while.

    BR Vid-Phon is a Winterboard theme based on the payphones from the movie Blade Runner.

    It has System sounds, Ringtone, SBSettings, Calculator, MMS, Lockscreen, Springboard, Icons, Categories icons and wallpapers and a few other things. Requires iBlank, and Lockscreen Clock Hide.

    Theme Home

    Install Walkthrough

    For now the carrier logo only changes if you are on AT&T (sorry rest of world!) unless you manually rename the files yourself. There is also a matching boot screen, if you want to go to the trouble of building a new ipsw.

    Attached Thumbnails BR Vid-Phone Theme [UPDATE]-promo.png   BR Vid-Phone Theme [UPDATE]-image-7.png   BR Vid-Phone Theme [UPDATE]-image-1.png   BR Vid-Phone Theme [UPDATE]-image-2.png   BR Vid-Phone Theme [UPDATE]-image-4.png   BR Vid-Phone Theme [UPDATE]-image-3.png   BR Vid-Phone Theme [UPDATE]-bootscreen.png  
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    2009-11-18 08:35 PM
  2. todd69's Avatar
    Like this a lot, very "different"
    2009-11-19 03:40 AM
  3. memnoch_thedevil's Avatar
    Not my style, but man very nice work. Looks great, and I really am digging that calculator looks amazing!
    2009-11-19 04:47 AM
  4. Nepptune77's Avatar
    Awesome theme
    2009-11-19 06:05 AM
  5. Fangorn81's Avatar
    2009-11-20 06:00 PM
  6. Fangorn81's Avatar
    Version 1.2 will be coming soon, probably by the end of the week.

    Changes so far:
    - animated the lockscreen
    - gave SMS a facelift (it fits in better with the overall theme now)
    - tweaked the SBSettings graphics
    - added a new Categories folder called "Sector"
    - working on a custom incoming call background, which I also plan on including as a .psd so you can customize it with your own contact photos.
    - I'd like to also add neon to the "ringer volume" popup and in-call dialer popup, and change the "answer" and "decline" buttons...but I am still hunting for the related files.
    2009-11-23 05:09 PM
  7. W3astboy's Avatar
    I love your theme, it's so different and really in Blade Runner's spirit .
    If you could maje an update most of icons don't work, i really appreciate love your theme
    2012-11-29 05:51 PM