1. dupdup's Avatar
    This must be really obvious since no one else seems to have asked this question. I'm trying to upload a theme to the download section but I can't figure out how to get the screen shot to show up next to the theme in the download section. There is a link to the image in the body of the description, which does works fine. So when the theme got posted and approved there was no associated image to the left, just a link.
    2008-03-16 02:11 AM
  2. dupdup's Avatar
    I'm seeing quite a few themes in the download section without an image so I thought I'd share this. Once you upload your theme zip file you can go to "my files" and add an image. It will still be in the moderator queue, but when it gets approved it should show up with the screen shot and the zip.
    2008-03-22 02:41 PM