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    How to make an icon: Open MS paint,then click on "brush" and choose the big disc and choose the default color,Now draw a little (hand drawn) square and then click "Fill with color" and fill in the square.And now all you have to do is draw the...icon,finally:with"fill with color"choose black and color the background with with it ,now on your desktop or anywhere,right click on your icon then "open with" then MS picture manager.In MS click on crop and crop all the black and make sure you don't crop a part of your icon.Then,click on resize:custom width x height and write 70,70
    Ex:Itunes icon:draw a square,then draw a little white cercle and a little music note in it.Then edit it with MS picture manager

    Attached Images Hand drawn theme-app-store.jpeg Hand drawn theme-camera.jpeg Hand drawn theme-compass.jpeg Hand drawn theme-installous.jpeg Hand drawn theme-ipod.jpeg Hand drawn theme-maps.jpeg Hand drawn theme-messages.jpg Hand drawn theme-phone.jpeg Hand drawn theme-safari.jpeg Hand drawn theme-voice-memos.jpeg 
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    2009-12-23 09:03 PM
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    Isnt there a theme like this already? Called something "The Worst Theme In The World"?
    Im serious... I used that theme alot actually
    2009-12-23 09:37 PM
  3. vish4488's Avatar
    lol.... nice
    You only live once, but if you live it right, once is enough.
    2009-12-24 12:44 AM
  4. Li-ion's Avatar
    those are so bad, they actually look nice.
    2009-12-24 06:12 AM
  5. wannabprogramma's Avatar
    I may be slow....but is it supposed to be a joke like the last one I saw like this? lolz
    The Next Generation of Phreaks.
    2009-12-24 06:46 AM
  6. Raptors's Avatar
    It's no joke.
    Lmao I acually like this.
    2009-12-24 07:42 AM
  7. eFXx's Avatar

    this theme is actually pretty cool. Catches peoples attention you know. People are used to seeing flashy themes. this is a double look theme! good job iphone 96
    2009-12-24 07:45 AM
  8. cashyy's Avatar
    You have to be kidding me? Oh i'm totally putting this on my 3gs. It's so ugly its awesome!
    2009-12-24 09:10 AM
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    Thanks Everyone. :-) but if somone wanna help me please tell me. :-)

    Some Few more icons:
    -App store
    -Voice Memos

    And Now:
    -PS mobile
    -Toggle SSH


    These are the icons
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    An update is near!
    2010-02-26 03:01 PM
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    I like it as well! Definitely catches the attention. Probably would not be my permanent theme, but definitely worth having as an option.

    Keep up the good work.
    kwickone I.T.H.
    2010-02-26 05:50 PM
  12. nitin98's Avatar
    It's nice
    2010-02-26 07:14 PM
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    These are the latest icons :-) more to come,when i reach 50,i will update it
    Attached Images Hand drawn theme-cydia.jpeg Hand drawn theme-doodle-jump.jpg Hand drawn theme-games.jpeg Hand drawn theme-winterboard.jpeg Hand drawn theme-sleep-cycle.jpeg Hand drawn theme-player.jpeg Hand drawn theme-ifile.jpeg Hand drawn theme-ibluenova.jpeg 
    2010-03-02 08:10 PM
  14. EddieLeonard's Avatar
    i would actually use this theme every now and again just to stand out :P
    keep up the work
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    2010-03-03 12:07 AM
  15. battlecrushr's Avatar
    actualyy looks good nice
    2010-03-03 12:18 AM
  16. rugbrn's Avatar
    this is great, I cannot wait till more icons are done so I can use this!
    I think, therefore I Jailbreak.
    2010-03-03 02:46 AM