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    Hello to all:
    I have been working with my iPod Touch for a long time now, and I am currently using Vista Perfection 4.0. While I have been using it, I have come across quite a few of problems with it. For one, there was a weather widget problem, when it was activated, the lock screen would be black; and a calender problem, where you couldn't see the last few dates due to a problem in the coding. I have fixed these, but now I have come to another problem.

    This is how my springboard currently looks like:

    Vista Perfection 4.0 Problem-18848_218994019567_820524567_2936158_4312434_n.jpg

    Now, what I want to do is write "Vista Theme" in the bottom-right corner. So, I SSH into my iPod, went into /private/stash/themes.mmy2iy/vista perfection 4.0 (I'm not sure if the address is 100% accurate, but you get the idea), went on Adobe Photoshop, edited the "Wallpaper.png" file, including the text "Vista Theme" in the bottom-right corner, saved the file as "Wallpaper.png" and replaced it with the original in the iPod. I pressed respring on the iPod (via SBsettings), and what I saw was the same wallpaper as the original, and my text was not included.

    Now, my question is: What did I do wrong? And how do make the text appear?

    PS: Instead of creating a new post, I just thought I would write it here: when i upgraded my categories, and when I launched it, the folders I created are not shown in the upgraded Categories. What do I do to fix this problem?

    Thanks in Advanced.
    2009-12-25 01:55 PM