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    Hello to all:
    I have been working with my iPod Touch for a long time now, and I am currently using Vista Perfection 4.0. While I have been using it, I have come across quite a few of problems with it. For one, there was a weather widget problem, when it was activated, the lock screen would be black; and a calender problem, where you couldn't see the last few dates due to a problem in the coding. I have fixed these, but now I have come to another problem.

    This is how my springboard currently looks like:

    Now, what I want to do is write "Vista Theme" in the bottom-right corner. So, I SSH into my iPod, went into /private/stash/themes.mmy2iy/vistaperfection 4.0 (I'm not sure if the address is 100% accurate, but you get the idea), went on Adobe Photoshop, edited the "Wallpaper.png" file, including the text "Vista Theme" in the bottom-right corner, saved the file as "Wallpaper.png" and replaced it with the original in the iPod. I pressed respring on the iPod (via SBsettings), and what I saw was the same wallpaper as the original, and my text was not included.

    Now, my question is: What did I do wrong? And how do make the text appear?

    PS: Instead of creating a new post, I just thought I would write it here: when i upgraded my categories, and when I launched it, the folders I created are not shown in the upgraded Categories. What do I do to fix this problem?

    Thanks in Advanced.
    2009-12-26 04:18 PM
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    Hey there, to begin with:
    Would you mind to tell me how you fiexed the unlock-screen problem? I have the same problem (black unlock screen if weather is activated at winterboard)and i couldn't figure out how to solve the problem...

    As for your first problem: Are you sure that you set up the blanks (created by iBlank) on the right positions on the screen?
    I'm thinking this the problem in this case.

    Now lets turn to your background problem. I had the same problem.
    Its easy to get rid of it. There is also a "Wallpaper.png" file in the "Vista Weather (1st).theme" folder. So you have to replace that "Wallpaper.png" as well.

    That your created folders doesn't appear after updating categories to a newer version is a know issue.
    I'm speculating right now but deleting the folders in the "root/private/var/stash/Applications.xxxxxxx" dirctory should work. Just delete the "" and any other folders named like that (not the "")(all folder named "") may do the job. You have to set up new folders in Categories later and you have to sort them into them again, too.
    Do this at own risk, it's just a thought of mine. I cant promise that it will work or guarantee that it won't damage anything.

    Hope I could help you.

    PS: Sorry for my bad English. I'm a german and not used to talk English ;D
    Hope you could understand me anyway.
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    2010-01-13 01:01 AM
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    Thanks for all your help. Your English was almost perfect, so no need to apologize about that .
    Fortunately, I was able to fix all the problems on this thread that I wrote before you posted, but thanks for making me sure that I did the right thing lol . But now, I've got a whole new problem. I deleted "", "", "", "", "" and "" via SSH. After doing this, I created the folders again via Categories, and I put the applications into the folders as well. But when I click on that i and set the wallpaper to On, or whatever that option is, the background just goes black. I have a copy of the files I deleted via SSH, just to be on the safe side. Any ideas?

    As to the weather problem you are facing, how the lockscreen goes black, you basically SSH into stash/themes.XXXX/Vista Weather(1) (or whatever its called) and then there will be a file called LockBackground or something like that (im typing this from my school and my ipod isnt with me at the moment, so im trying to recall my memory, so if there is any error with what im saying, ill recheck and get back to you), so when you find that file, simply delete it. thats what i did. but i normally keep a copy of whatever im deleting, so I recommend you do the same, just to be on the safe side lol.

    Thanks again. If there is any error to what I said about your weatehr problem, please let me know, ill get back home and ill tell you right away.
    2010-01-13 09:44 AM
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    I Hope I understood what your problem is. Correct me please if I'm wrong here. So the "normal" wallpaper on the "desktop" works but within the folders the background just turns to black if you set the beckground to userwallpaper via the little "i" in the right bottom corner?

    Dude we have the same problems all the time ^^. The Problem now is, that Categories didn't name the folder "" or something like that. It named them just "".
    So right now you have to options to solve the problem.

    The first one (the one that I used) is to copy the "background.png" files for the folders from "/private/var/stash/Themes.XXXX/VistaPerfection.theme/Folders" into the folders. It takes some time to figure out which one is the Game folder there and which one is the recycle folder and so on.

    The second solution is to rename the "" folders via SSH to "", "", etc. This method needs time, too.

    Hope I could help you.

    And thanks for telling me how to proceed with my problem. I'll try it in the afternoon. Right now I'm at school, too .
    Sorry for my bad English - I'm just a little German
    2010-01-13 01:38 PM
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    Maybe I missed it, but how in the world did you fix the calendar spacing. I tried to mess around with the code, but could not make it work. Am I missing something?
    Much thanks
    2010-01-28 03:42 AM
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    I have the same issue just like you guies.. When I turn on catagory it shows only black background... do you guies know the solution?
    oh.. And also.. i have the exact same issue about the picture.. hope we all will find solution..
    2010-02-16 06:28 PM
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    Okay, firstly, I want to be completely honest. Though I did not do anything, rather than not signing on since the past 2 months, an administrator blocked me from creating new posts/threads. However, this does regard a problem the Perfection theme.

    Today, I installed iPod OS 3.1.3 for the first generation and before that I backed up everything using "AptBackup". After jailbreaking once again, I hit the restore button on AptBackup and it synced everything in well. Before all this, I edited the Perfection theme and put in my own wallpaper, and own lockbackground, and fixed all the bugs I could find. But none of those changes are seen on the screen. But the funny thing is, when I SSH into my ipod, all the files which I put in/edited are still there, normally I would know how to fix such a problem, but I'm lost.

    All help is appreciated.
    Thanks in advanced.

    PS: Sorry for posting on someone elses thread, it's just that this is urgent.

    lol i just realized this was my thread, and suddenly im allowed to post new threads, wow...
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    2010-06-10 06:54 PM
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    hey guys i too need help. How do you change the wallpaper? i erased the default wallpapers and tried to put my one in vista perfection and weather but no luck?
    PS: sorry for posting on your thread dhruv300
    2011-06-08 11:56 PM
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    Hi Hood4:

    It's alright, I don't mind if you posted here.

    Did you save the file as "Wallpaper.png" without the quotes?
    2011-06-09 12:30 AM