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    Hey guys, my 1G iPod Touch is bricked, screen is completely off, it won't turn on, cant put in restore mode, only DFU, cant restore firmware with latest version of iTunes, every time it gives me 1600, 1601, 1604, etc errors, same thing with iTunes 7.5, no luck with redsn0w, it just gets stuck at "waiting for reboot" after uploading second stage, tried unplugging and re-plugging cuz its supposed to solve that, no luck, same thing with redsn0w 0.72, tried all that with different USB ports, different computers, different USB cables but same thing, I've read a couple times that 99.9% of the time people think their ipod is bricked it's not, but i guess i'm on the the other 0.1%
    Any other ideas, suggestions??? Help!!!!
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    2009-12-29 10:11 PM
  2. Timka21105's Avatar
    try running Blackra1n
    2009-12-31 10:35 PM
  3. Crypticpest's Avatar
    Nothing, it just stays at "waiting for device", any other advice??
    2009-12-31 10:52 PM
  4. DirtyByrd's Avatar
    Ha, I actually just did that and it worked! Here's the instructions I used -

    * Turn you your phone off.

    * Connect to USB port.

    * Start blackra1n (as normal - no compatibility mode, not as an
    administrator) - it will say "waiting for phone".

    * Now put your phone in DFU mode (press 'power' and
    'home'together. Keep holding both until the apple logo appears,
    then release 'power' but keep holdind home. the
    blackra1n picture will appear on your screen.

    * From that point it's just waiting for phone to restart. Then follow
    the instructions above (instal cydia or whatever you like, etc.)

    Found here:

    Hope this helps
    2010-01-03 02:20 AM
  5. Crypticpest's Avatar
    No, still no luck with blackra1n.
    2010-01-04 03:54 AM
  6. StealthBravo's Avatar
    2010-01-04 03:57 AM
  7. Crypticpest's Avatar
    I've tried irecovery using:
    irecovery -f ibss211.dfu
    Waiting for it to end, then unplugging, replugging, and the screen should be white, but it just stays off, then despite that if i use:
    irecovery -s
    It just says no iPod/iPhone found.
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    2010-01-04 04:43 AM
  8. Crypticpest's Avatar
    Help!! nobody else???
    I've also tried iREB but got nothing.
    2010-01-21 03:22 AM
  9. toadstoolporridge's Avatar
    Whatever firmware you were using before, see if you can find a copy of it online. Then trying doing the option-click on the restore button in iTunes or whatever it is for the PC and go from there. That's the only other thing I can think of, if you haven't tried it already.
    2010-01-24 02:19 AM
  10. higyn's Avatar
    HI! Did you ever solve the problem? I have the exact same problem.
    I always get the 1600 error. I just want to make a factory restore but even then 1600. I have tried on 2 windows pc's (one x64, one x86) and my macbook.
    2010-08-01 03:37 PM
  11. MindGem's Avatar
    2010-08-01 05:25 PM
  12. Hunter I-Touch's Avatar
    I can get you a step further, but I have still not located the complete fix.

    This can be done using I-Tunes and whichever firmware you would like - I am using a 2.0.1.

    If you're I-Touch is bricked (ie: blank screen and won't turn on anything other than DFU)...

    1) Plug I-Touch into USB port
    2) Hold Power & Home for 10 seconds, release power and continue holding Home for another 8 seconds.
    3) Do a standard Restore and wait for error code
    4) Hit OK on error code and make it go away.
    5) Hold Power and Home buttons for a while (I do 20 seconds, but may not need that long). This gets the I-Touch out of DFU mode.
    6) Turn DFU mode back on - Hold Both for 10 and release Power, while continuing to hold Home for another 8 seconds.
    7) Using the Shift+Restore method, choose your firmware and proceed.

    This should get your screen to turn white and then bring up the Apple symbol with a loading wheel underneath it. I've manage a couple variations and actually gotten it to start the restore, but for some reason it never finished...
    If you can take this to the next level, let me know!

    - Hunter
    2010-08-26 12:27 AM