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  1. Raptors's Avatar
    My theme has finally been released.
    it should be in the cydia store soon.
    but you can now buy it for 1.99 from the zodtts/macciti repo

    all bugs/icon requests can be submited here!

    hope you enjoy.
    If you do not want to buy it on cydia and would rather just over paypal, then feel free to PM now and ill send it to you
    Attached Images [RELEASE] **** iWarp HD2         -HTC HD2--iwarp-icon.png 
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    2010-01-01 05:23 PM
  2. Tatertots's Avatar
    i waited so long and now i have to pay...
    2010-01-01 07:45 PM
  3. ethan68's Avatar
    great work..nice theme

    pity money ruin entousiasthm..
    2010-01-01 08:30 PM
  4. istyl's Avatar
    i made almost the same theme:P but never released it:P
    2010-01-02 12:48 AM
  5. quky's Avatar
    can this be fix

    thanks in advance

    best regards
    Attached Thumbnails [RELEASE] **** iWarp HD2         -HTC HD2--img_0014.png  
    2010-01-02 12:54 AM
  6. Raptors's Avatar
    can this be fix

    thanks in advance

    best regards
    no cause the dock here is really low, so i had to make the canvas size bigger. maybe add an iPod icon to the dock, and there are a couple big 3x3 Mail icons to replace ipod.
    2010-01-02 12:56 AM
  7. quky's Avatar
    where are dock icons (favorite gams and favorite Apps) located?

    thanks in advance

    best regards
    2010-01-02 01:50 AM
  8. Raptors's Avatar
    heres a iPod icon that will fit well instead of mail.
    and heres the mail icon that will fit well instead of the place of iPod

    2010-01-02 01:58 AM
  9. vish4488's Avatar
    Good luck with this theme. It looks really good in pictures. I hope you make a lot of money
    You only live once, but if you live it right, once is enough.
    2010-01-02 03:59 AM
  10. jayteez's Avatar
    where are dock icons (favorite gams and favorite Apps) located?

    thanks in advance

    best regards
    they wont show until you make the folders in categories. (i think)..its case sensitive as well.

    Hey Raptors, you also might want to let folks know they can change the weather images in the config file..i found the HTC or tango weather images to be less "cartoony".
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    2010-01-02 04:51 AM
  11. denisyasha's Avatar
    I want it!!
    2010-01-02 07:03 AM
  12. SL4VE's Avatar
    all the best its a great theme, i hope you make loads of money to fund new projects
    2010-01-02 01:58 PM
  13. quky's Avatar
    is there any way to make pop your weather app when you click on the weather widget area
    i already place the icon on that area but need to figure out how to hide like the phone and clock ones.

    thanks in advance

    best regards

    they wont show until you make the folders in categories. (i think)..its case sensitive as well.
    i just find them they are in the theme <Bundles> -- <jp.ashikase.springjumps.1 and 2> folders


    best regards

    ok just find solution make a transparent icon for the weather app of your choice

    best regards
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    2010-01-02 02:17 PM
  14. denisyasha's Avatar
    How to change city weather?
    2010-01-02 03:30 PM
  15. quky's Avatar
    How to change city weather?
    on folder Private

    change the one in red

    var iconExtWall = '.png'
    var iconExtLock = '.png'
    var locale = 'Toronto, Canada'
    var iconSetWall = 'tick'
    var iconSetLock = 'tick'
    var enableWallpaper = true
    var isCelsius = true
    var useRealFeel = false
    var enableLockScreen = false
    var source = 'appleAccuweatherStolen'
    var stylesheetWall = 'twoLine'
    var stylesheetLock = 'Under_StatusBar'
    var updateInterval = 30
    best regards
    2010-01-02 03:34 PM
  16. SPPassion's Avatar
    I have not purchased the theme yet but I don't understand why people are becoming so hostile towards the theme maker? I can understand, some of the them theme components may resemble other themes but at close inspection you can see significant differences. If anybody who should be little upset is the maker of "original" HTC theme maker Give this guy a break. I don't know much about iphone theming but I used to create themes for WM platform and I can tell you it could be very very time consuming. This guy is asking only $1.99 which is nothing. Look at your monthly phone bill you pay tripple than this amount in "unknown" fees and never complain to the ph company. AT least you are getting a nice theme here. Well, back to my real reason being here, how hard it is to set this theme? I am familiar with XML editing, Adobe photoshop but that's it. No knowledge of Spring jump, Categories etc...So for a lay man with a JB phone, do you think its a doable task? Just want to know before getting into any skinning part of iPhone OS. Thanks in advance. BTW, great theme, keep up the good work. Best Regards, SPPassion
    2010-01-03 03:55 AM
  17. PaKAsuR's Avatar
    so cool
    2010-01-03 04:20 AM
  18. denisyasha's Avatar
    They just envious with your great work raptors..
    I think it is worth to pay 1.99. This theme is different from other HTC theme.. Until now, i think this is the best HTC theme... And, I don't understand why you guys questioned about this similarity with HTC HD2... Many people use Windows/mac icons to create a theme, and there are no problems with it....
    2010-01-03 10:08 AM
  19. bullyboy67's Avatar

    hat jemand hierfür eine deutsche Installationsanleitung verfügbar?

    2010-01-03 02:41 PM
  20. SPPassion's Avatar
    Besides setup instructions with the downloaded theme, is there any detailed instructions/screen shots posted anywhere on the web? Thanks!
    2010-01-03 03:17 PM
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