View Poll Results: What is your preferred method of installing themes?

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  • Manual Installation

    16 51.61%
  • K.A.T.S. Installation

    5 16.13%
  • C-K.A.T.S. Installation

    1 3.23%
  • iSetup

    1 3.23%
  • Iconoclasm

    3 9.68%
  • I don't use complicated themes

    5 16.13%
  1. k.nitsua's Avatar
    EDIT: The question should be WHAT is your preferred method of setting up WinterBoard themes... not "How"...

    Damn flu...

    Doing research for new WinterBoard theme. Wondering what is the preferred choice of setting up themes that require more than just turning it on in WinterBoard.

    Manual Installation
    - SSH Theme files into iDevice
    - Manually placing icons and blanks
    - Blanks are either installed or created via iBlanks

    K.A.T.S. Method
    - SSH Theme files into iDevice
    - Blanks and/or SpringJumps are provided in installation
    - SpringBack is used for initial theme setup
    (Credit goes to K.Nitsua)

    C-K.A.T.S. Method
    - Theme files are downloaded into iDevice via Cydia
    - Blanks and/or SpringJumps are also provided in the Cydia package
    - SpringBack is used for initial theme setup
    (Credit goes to K.Nitsua)

    - Similar to C-K.A.T.S. Method.
    - Cydia package is SSH'ed into the iDevice then installed via Terminal
    (Credit goes to Wyndwarrior)

    - SSH/Cydia-download Theme files into your iDevice
    - Turn on proper icon arrangements in Iconoclasm
    - Manually arrange icons
    (Credit goes to Yanik Magnan)
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    #eli7e revived me
    2010-01-06 11:28 PM
  2. battlecrushr's Avatar
    Definately isetup. Wynd is amazon by making that
    then ckats method
    then iconoclasm

    Ohthis is a poll. Haha. Need to go on my computer to vote
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    2010-01-06 11:43 PM
  3. permabound2's Avatar
    I prefer the manual setup, because it gives me more customization and stuff...
    After manual setup, probably iSetup, then iconoclasm
    2010-01-07 01:05 AM
  4. Late_Nights's Avatar
    Manual is always the best option.
    2010-01-07 01:32 AM
  5. ROFLwaffle's Avatar
    I love K.A.T.S.!!!!
    The only part that sucks is that you have to put your apps in the right place (Like games and stuff). But when I get done I just make a new springback file so I don'[t have to do that again.
    2010-01-07 10:28 PM
  6. wyndwarrior's Avatar
    I'm thinking about releasing the isetup script to the public. Basically it backs up your current theme (theme, layout, webclips, mobilesibstrates) and then it installs the new theme, with the theme already activated in winterboard and the springback already restored for you. When you want to uninstall it, just remove it using Cydia and it reverts back to your original theme, with everything back to the way it was before.
    2010-01-07 11:24 PM
  7. battlecrushr's Avatar
    Do it
    2010-01-07 11:34 PM
  8. MrSinister317's Avatar
    Is anyone had trouble with cydia not loading? I downloaded chromatic via B.B. Theme and it crashed to safe mode. Now, I can't get back on to cydia to remove this.
    2010-01-10 05:58 AM
  9. iBub's Avatar
    I don't know how to use all of those. I do it manually xD

    Donation is different from Payment
    2010-01-18 08:32 AM