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    I want to start off and say thanks for such a great site. I've been jailbroken for a couple months now and I'll never go back to stock FW. I have gotten all the info I needed here by searching and have done quite well.

    But now I need help. I want to bypass winterboard as much as possible. I have modded a theme to my liking and I love every bit of it. I know if I lightened up winterboard my phone would run a little smoother. What I want to do is take all the buttons, frameworks and misc images and keep them permanently on the system library. This would basically get winterboard down to icons, sliders, signal bars, and a widget or two. Really just stuff I change frequently or havent found what I like.

    I already use ssh and iFile for sounds and fonts so I would have no problem swapping stuff if I dont like it.

    Thanks for all the help I've gotten here so far. You guys are great.
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