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    Hey again..i was wondering if you cud find time to make a few icons the aero style for me.Im sorry to bother you with this but i have no idea how to do them myself.Im gonna include a few screen shots of the one's i need.And if you cud post one day some of the basic icons the aero style like caculater,notes and Facebook.Im including an ********** one but wud prefer the bright purple/pinkish one of the newer version but i dont have it.Thank you for ur help.
    Attached Thumbnails [RELEASE] S2P Slide2Preview (HD phone modded)-cydia.jpg   [RELEASE] S2P Slide2Preview (HD phone modded)-itunes.jpg   [RELEASE] S2P Slide2Preview (HD phone modded)-settings.jpg   [RELEASE] S2P Slide2Preview (HD phone modded)-installous.jpg  
    2010-03-07 03:01 AM
  2. herman01's Avatar
    I included a facebook shot if you cud make an aero icon out of it wen ever you get a chance.thank you for your help
    Attached Thumbnails [RELEASE] S2P Slide2Preview (HD phone modded)-facebook.jpg  
    2010-03-07 07:47 AM
  3. herman01's Avatar
    oh and in an earlier message i was asking for an **********'s the 2.5 shot with the colorful background...thats if you have it..if not the 1 i submitted will wrk just fine.thank you so much.
    2010-03-07 07:50 AM
  4. henftling's Avatar
    here you are, sorry i have no facebook app
    [RELEASE] S2P Slide2Preview (HD phone modded)-installous.png

    [RELEASE] S2P Slide2Preview (HD phone modded)-cydia.png

    [RELEASE] S2P Slide2Preview (HD phone modded)-facebook.png

    [RELEASE] S2P Slide2Preview (HD phone modded)-itunes.png

    [RELEASE] S2P Slide2Preview (HD phone modded)-settings.png
    2010-03-07 09:39 AM
  5. herman01's Avatar
    Wow!!Thanks so much you r so helpful.They look great.
    2010-03-08 01:39 AM
  6. herman01's Avatar
    I,ve been looking for a calculater,voicememo and a game icon in the aero style but have no luck in finding one.If you have any cud u post them r use the enclosed shots.thanx P.S. i also included a few screen shots of your theme on my phone...i love the dark grey background with the 7icon dock and the smoothboard...thank you for creating such a cool having a problem with my lockscreen phone wont go into sleep mode and shut down it just stays on and runs the battery down of course...i have to go into it and hit power then lock it...does this have anything to with your theme settings anywhere?
    Attached Thumbnails [RELEASE] S2P Slide2Preview (HD phone modded)-voicememo.jpg   [RELEASE] S2P Slide2Preview (HD phone modded)-caculater.jpg   [RELEASE] S2P Slide2Preview (HD phone modded)-games.png   [RELEASE] S2P Slide2Preview (HD phone modded)-screenshot1.jpg   [RELEASE] S2P Slide2Preview (HD phone modded)-screenshot2.jpg   [RELEASE] S2P Slide2Preview (HD phone modded)-screenshot3.jpg  
    2010-03-08 05:57 AM
  7. henftling's Avatar
    This issue you stating is caused by 8icon dock (no special settings). When you go for infinidock instead of 8icondock you will have no problem with battery drain

    And here are the missing icons
    [RELEASE] S2P Slide2Preview (HD phone modded)-calculator.png [RELEASE] S2P Slide2Preview (HD phone modded)-games.png [RELEASE] S2P Slide2Preview (HD phone modded)-voice-memos.png
    2010-03-08 07:59 PM
  8. henftling's Avatar
    you should also consider smoothboard...scrolling with no stops at the end of one page very well with this theme
    Last edited by henftling; 2010-03-08 at 08:32 PM.
    2010-03-08 08:02 PM
  9. herman01's Avatar
    thanks so much.i'll try the infinitydock 2...they look awesome
    2010-03-08 10:10 PM
  10. jakec233's Avatar
    Hey guys

    Could someone possibly make
    me an aero-style iPod icon out of this screenshot please?

    Thanks in advance
    2010-05-01 04:12 PM
  11. henftling's Avatar
    here you are

    [RELEASE] S2P Slide2Preview (HD phone modded)-ipod.png
    2010-05-01 08:16 PM
  12. jakec233's Avatar
    Thank you!!!
    2010-05-02 12:41 AM
  13. Stevesi's Avatar
    Can someone please re-upload the setup guide?
    2010-05-06 10:31 PM
  14. henftling's Avatar
    2010-05-07 04:47 AM
  15. henftling's Avatar

    after some requests at least I share with you the template for the aero preview icon...have fun and when using it, please give some credits and hit thanks.
    2010-06-19 05:42 AM
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