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    I have downloaded some sms alert tones in zedge.net in m4r format. I'd like to ask how do you make it as your sms alert tone? Please help. Thank you.
    2010-01-22 03:02 AM
  2. E-Dragon's Avatar
    Quick and easy way to make and transfer ToneFXs
    2010-01-25 01:15 AM
  3. BlindChaos's Avatar

    You will see six .caf files in there called sms-received1.caf through sms-received6.caf. You need to replace these .caf files with your own .caf files. In order for you to get your m4r to a .caf file, you will need to convert them. CAF is a renamed AIFF file (*.aif). iTunes can convert any file imported into an AIFF if you go into preferences/general/importing and select the AIFF encoder. Then just rename the file to the proper *.caf file you want to replace and SSH it to the phone.
    2010-01-25 03:11 AM
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    Ok. I have a m4r file that I have renamed to "sms-received1.caf". When I click and drag into itunes under the ringtone category it does nothing. Obviously I am doing it wrong. I also read that you can right click it in itunes and convert it to aiff or whatever and it doesnt give me that option. I have searched tons of forums and looked for various converters but nothing works. Thanks.

    2010-02-09 03:04 AM
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    Got it. Thanks.
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    2010-02-10 05:54 AM