1. barsoverbeats's Avatar
    Gang- This is my newest theme "Elite Pro." It can be found in Cydia under Featured themes. The App Store application Icons auto create. Meaning NO un-skinned icons anymore!! The theme comes in 3 color variations, Green, Red, and Blue. The screenshots do it no justice, go see for yourself....

    WARNING: The Elite theme has been known to cause eye strain, finger soreness, sleepless nights, stealing of company time, and marital problems due to it's awesome attention to detail. Use at your own risk!!

    Version 1.2 Release in Cydia!!

    1.2 Changelog:
    Updated some UI
    New Charging screen
    New Live clock
    Compass app skinned
    Sliders added
    iPod Updated
    Updated status bar
    Some bugfixes...

    Thanks for looking!
    Attached Thumbnails Release ...."Elite"....-s5xp45.png  
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    2010-02-04 06:37 AM
  2. NeptuneX3's Avatar
    Something new......oh awesome.....realy great

    looks so nice

    i would like to test the beta

    Nice work
    2010-02-04 06:50 AM
  3. randy92's Avatar
    awesome theme..........
    I would like to be part of the beta testers......
    2010-02-04 07:09 AM
  4. NiCkStOuCh's Avatar
    me too
    2010-02-04 07:14 AM
  5. Vanasian's Avatar
    Wow, it looks very nice,,,
    2010-02-04 07:44 AM
  6. 1SLaMNiSsANTiTaN's Avatar
    wow very nice!!

    "Friends Don't Let Friends Drive Stock"
    2010-02-04 08:08 AM
  7. metaserph's Avatar
    Holy Toledo!!! That looks extra sharp Bars!!! Yeah!
    2010-02-04 08:20 AM
  8. thangquynho4mat's Avatar
    please up .......... very nice , i like it , email [email protected] , many thanks
    2010-02-04 08:24 AM
  9. kletterida's Avatar
    Looks great!!! Better than GT !!!
    P.S: I'm waitimg even on your mail for the 1.2 GT Update...
    2010-02-04 08:26 AM
  10. Deba515's Avatar
    Looking Bars you are my favorite theme creator keep on the good work will be supporting this one as well.
    2010-02-04 09:03 AM
  11. zausser's Avatar
    Someone else around here doesn't sleep...

    Wow man... You're a rock star!
    2010-02-04 09:05 AM
  12. TCcentex's Avatar
    2010-02-04 09:09 AM
  13. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    Can't wait to see more bars, looks awesome.
    smaller sig.png
    2010-02-04 09:11 AM
  14. MeOMaN's Avatar
    Very Clean Simple
    Maziden Biri
    2010-02-04 09:41 AM
  15. AWSUM's Avatar
    Very clean.....simply irresistibel!

    Lookin fwd to it.
    2010-02-04 10:26 AM
  16. barsoverbeats's Avatar
    Thanks gang!
    2010-02-04 01:03 PM
  17. Fortune z's Avatar
    Toooooooo good man when you release this theme?????
    2010-02-04 01:33 PM
  18. yusuf530i's Avatar
    Looking forward to this, auto skinning! happy days

    2010-02-04 04:00 PM
  19. TRUCKINLOW's Avatar
    Wow so soon! i guess that z was right the master never sleeps! looking great Bars.
    Last edited by TRUCKINLOW; 2010-02-14 at 05:11 AM.
    2010-02-04 04:22 PM
  20. crz's Avatar
    looks good

    seems that i have to install another theme
    2010-02-04 04:44 PM
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