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    Hi guys,

    So, let's just introduce myself. I am pretty much new on this board, but I'm not that new into iPod and jailbreaking. Have had a Touch 2G for a year and recently bought the 3G 32 gig version, both successfully jailbroken.

    I always loved OS themes like Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OSX and so on, but I never found the theme I really liked or that worked smooth for me. That's why I decided to start creating my own one instead of modifying already existing themes. I really loved Mac Pro 3.0, but that one was just too hard to setup for me.

    What I basically want is just a simple, smooth and good-looking theme without having to install a bunch of things from cydia. I will probably only use 5 icons dock, and that's about it. I started about an hour ago, and so far I only have a lockscreen. I know that's not much, but I'll be showing off the progress I have made in this topic.

    This lockscreen is fully customizable from avatar to background and name, I added a little download for the .PSD.

    Please give me some critics, I would really appreciate that.
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    2010-02-23 05:49 PM
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    looks nice but i think most people are over the windows and osx themes now

    i think you should try and make it your theme and not a copy of a OS
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    2010-02-23 06:06 PM
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    i think you should try and make it your theme and not a copy of a OS
    Agree, but this is a very good OS theme
    2010-02-23 06:54 PM
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    I think you should work with SnowLock to raise the slider up to your login name. Then make the slider the size of a tap to unlock and have it be clear. That way you keep the Mac OSX look but it also works like it by "logging in" when you click your user name.

    Also, it looks really good but I think the shadow is a little too harsh, just increase the size of it a little bit. For Leopard, the lighting angle is from the top not the top left, but I don't know for other versions.

    There is your criticism
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    2010-02-23 09:14 PM
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    well you could but you would be wasting your time i think. Once THIS theme comes out it will make other mac themes(maybe all themes) obsolete. Its made from all html.
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    2010-02-24 10:55 AM