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  1. jonny79's Avatar
    Are you planning on updating your theme for iOS4?
    I'll be working on updating all of A 266 Collection for iOS4 in the next few weeks starting tonight. I'll push a new update out to Cydia once all the main updates are complete.

    Also included will be:
    Calculator update (with comma)
    New Messages app skin (as requested by users)
    Safari DLs icons
    New backgrounder badges
    Circuitous skin update
    Safari folders (to match mail folders if possible)
    Additional Settings 'mini icons'
    Remote App skin (possibly on a later update)

    Not sure yet if I'll update 266 for the iPhone4. I'll need to wait until I have one to see what 266 looks like on the higher resolution screen.

    I will, however, be releasing a brand new theme designed specifically for iPhone4 and iOS4 in the near future!
    2010-06-28 11:04 AM
  2. Gipson's Avatar
    can someone please post the NES icon UNDOCKED?
    2010-07-18 06:05 AM
  3. yusuf530i's Avatar
    Anyone tried to use this on ios 4 yet?,Any problems?

    Johny, Hows the update coming on?
    2010-08-03 10:32 AM
  4. ss4adib's Avatar
    Anyone tried to use this on ios 4 yet?,Any problems?

    Johny, Hows the update coming on?
    I was kinda going to ask the same thing...on OS3 I didn't use anything except this theme
    2010-08-13 01:51 PM
  5. jonny79's Avatar
    I know a lot of people have iPhone4 now and everyone wants to upgrade to iOS4. I'm still on 3.1.0 and everything works great. I've not bothered upgrading my OS yet.

    I will be getting the iPhone4 soon and with that I'll be updating 266 to work properly with iOS4 but will not be updating the graphics to work with the high res screen of the iPhone4.

    266 should still work on the iPhone4 but may not be as crisp as on the older handsets. I'll know more when I've got one, jailbroken it and put my theme on there!!

    Anyway. Thanks for your patience – as you know a lot of themes and Apps have difficulties with iOS4 and there will be a lot of debugging to do and some updates required.
    I should have everything complete by the end of September (latest).

    As for the high res screen on the iPhone4… I can't help but want to do a brand new theme specifically designed for this! Once 266 is sorted I'll be starting on a new theme. Keep posted here or follow me on Twitter!

    New info here
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    2010-08-14 01:57 AM
  6. yusuf530i's Avatar
    I'm glad to be back on 3.1.2. My 266 theme is back on & everythings working smooth.
    2010-08-26 10:01 AM
  7. MindGem's Avatar
    What? I dont have any custom wallpapers!
    2010-08-26 10:52 PM
  8. Ryry506's Avatar
    Ive tried it on the iphone 4 i have 4 and a 3gs looks real good but i couldnt seem to get it to work
    2010-11-27 10:42 PM
  9. jonny79's Avatar
    This thread is no longer active

    Please refer to the official 266 Collection support thread located here:

    I want to consolidate all support to the above thread and will no longer be watching this one.

    Thanks to all the 266 users and supporters!
    2011-03-09 12:16 PM
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