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  1. JerryP's Avatar
    Maybe this isn't a jailbreak problem. Maybe this is the wrong forum in which case I'm sorry.

    My jailbreak is working great except when it comes to the art that displays while music is playing. As an example when I play AC/DC the art displayed is Taylor Swift. That is just NOT right. Of course I have re-jailbroken (maybe too many times) and it doesn't fix. Possibly there is an app that will straighten this out?
    2010-03-06 10:47 PM
  2. shawnroof's Avatar
    its a long shot but A. have u tried actually shutting the whole unit down (im guessing you did so B: Load your itunes songs and just resync your ipod with 1 totally new song in your library(this will remove all others that is the goal). Then after theres 1 song in your pod make itunes find your real music folder(under the file tab) and resync all your music back to it. with any luck that might work! Come back and confirm if it cleans it up and remember to thank if it solves the problem
    2010-03-07 05:56 AM
  3. JerryP's Avatar
    Shawnroof, Thanks for the reply and I want to try what you suggest but my geriatric brain doesn't understand the instructions.
    Load my iTune songs where? Resync? I thought syncing will wipe the pod. None of my music is from iTunes. It's all ripped from CDs or other's collections that I brought over from my Linux box to Windows since Linux doesn't have a GUI for iPod Touch.
    I appreciate your suggestion and I'm good to try it but I don't want to lose everything.
    I was thinking (hoping) maybe there was a cache file somewhere I could just delete with SSH or something like that.
    2010-03-08 10:03 PM