1. carldavies@mac.com's Avatar
    Hi guys,

    ben playing around with summer board and rSbt on the iphone and i managed to hide the bottom row with all the icons on it including the app that controls it!

    what can i do? i have been tempted to delete stuff with cyberduck but thought better against it. any ideas?
    2007-09-26 09:09 PM
  2. Alperovich's Avatar
    do u have install app installed? u can download a launcher app like dock or finder, or anythign else really and use it up open up rSBT again and reorder thigns.
    2007-09-26 09:16 PM
  3. carldavies@mac.com's Avatar
    yes i have installed app installed but its agin hidden. i am not able to do anything really on the phone itself, is it possible to delete apps from os ox on my mac?
    2007-09-26 09:32 PM
  4. Tomer's Avatar
    Restore i guess or do u have dock installed?
    2007-09-26 10:12 PM
  5. Alperovich's Avatar
    yea, u can. i'm not sure about mac but u can use iphonebrowser on windows, so i'm sure there is something for mac.

    u can also manual reset the apps to be unhidden, U'll have to edit the displayorder file, once u have access to the iphone contents from your mac

    also instead of restoring, try reinstalling installer using apptapp
    2007-09-26 10:14 PM
  6. chancre_scolex's Avatar
    Maybe edit the displayorder.plist or something
    I've got two states of mind, stoned and asleep
    2007-09-26 10:34 PM
  7. Ratamaq's Avatar
    Sunburst shows hidden apps.

    i use this whenever something i have crashes my springboard, i think it is iswaper that is crashing my springboard btw. I've actually left sunburst installed for that reason.

    I'm a windows user and installed sunburst w/ ibricker I believe. So i'm not sure what mac app you need to use
    2007-09-27 12:54 AM