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    I've been planning to submit a theme through planet iphone and need some help creating some themes. How do I create sounds instead of replacing them? Also, how do i create sliders, lockscreen, and a dialer. Please include sizes, and remember that I'm not manually replacing them on my itouch, i'm submitting a theme.
    2010-03-14 10:45 PM
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    To add sounds without replacing them. Make a folder in your .theme folder called UISounds in this folder you will put your .caf files you will have to rename you .caf files to the same as the original names ex. SentMessage.caf, new-mail.caf and so on.

    For the sliders, and dialer they go into a folder .theme/bundles/com.apple.TelephonyUI Not sure the exact size of the images, but the best thing would be to download a full theme to your computer and play around with it, and get familiar with the way it is setup.

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    2010-03-15 02:34 AM