1. 1domeso's Avatar
    I was using cydia fine, everything was flawless, until I updated. After I clicked Upgrade Complete noting is working. When I try to download anything on cydia it says: Error Prepare Archives, Method HTTP has died Unexpectedly, Sub-precess http recived signal 9. Method /usr/lib/apt/methods/http did not start correctly.

    How do I un-update? I never got this message before. I am running a ITouch 2g on 2.2.1 firmware. Thanks ahead of time!
    2010-03-16 01:55 AM
  2. ProgramErrorX's Avatar
    I would reinstall cydia with mobile terminal or your ssh program terminal by running the commands
    apt-get remove cydia
    apt-get install cydia
    if these don't work you might have to re-jailbreak
    if something worse happens like it did on my iTouch i have one other long method to fix it but try this one first
    2010-03-19 08:13 AM