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    Hey all,

    I'm sure alot of you are familiar with the White Apple HD theme??
    I've got it all set-up as good as I can and I love it.. Theres just one issue that I'm having..

    At the top right of the springboard there is a 'search' field.. is there anyway to make this search field active?? or will it always just be a image 'place-holder'??

    Thanks in advance,

    bump.. anyone?
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    2010-03-21 12:55 AM
  2. battlecrushr's Avatar
    put a -1 springjump there and itll take to the search or get an app in cydia called search adn put it there,
    but ull probably get more responses if u post this question on the thread
    2010-03-21 01:06 AM
  3. .wassabi's Avatar
    Thanks for you reply bud..

    I thought about doing the springjump but for some odd reason, since changing to this theme, no matter how many times I install springjumps, it doesn't show up on the springboard... nor does it show up in the search bar, any ideas?

    And which thread would this be more suited for??
    2010-03-21 02:22 AM