1. Baz L's Avatar
    woah Amazing rook, thx so much dude!!! the addons are pretty cool too
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    2010-04-05 03:23 AM
  2. kph12's Avatar
    Rook-rockin your mod now, love it! Question though-what is pushtext?

    Also how do I edit the number of icons per page in categories sb? I knew how to do it in regular categories, but can't figure it out on sb. The last row of my icons are getting slightly cut off in the category.
    2010-04-05 03:35 AM
  3. iphonerookie's Avatar
    pushtext is Ping!=) as for the # of icons in cat sb...i just use an iconclasm layout...ill upload what i use in a sec for cats.
    2010-04-05 03:53 AM
  4. scoop2mylue's Avatar
    very tempting
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    2010-04-05 03:54 AM
  5. iphonerookie's Avatar
    here's my iOS iconoclasm layout for categories:

    Download iOS (Categories).plist from Sendspace.com - send big files the easy way

    or you can try this one:

    Download iOS Page11+.plist from Sendspace.com - send big files the easy way

    just set it in iconoclasm for Page11+
    2010-04-05 03:57 AM
  6. Fortune z's Avatar
    can someone guide how to fix this wallpaper is little high from the background image.... thanks
    Attached Thumbnails [RELEASE] Inspired OS - by K.Nitsua/Zausser-img_0083.png  
    2010-04-05 04:20 AM
  7. kph12's Avatar
    Two icon requests:

    Also the last image is of my games folder. The bottom row is cut off. I installed rook's iconoclasm layout, but this didn't fix the problem either. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
    Attached Thumbnails [RELEASE] Inspired OS - by K.Nitsua/Zausser-img_0074.png   [RELEASE] Inspired OS - by K.Nitsua/Zausser-img_0075.png   [RELEASE] Inspired OS - by K.Nitsua/Zausser-img_0073.png  
    2010-04-05 04:54 AM
  8. zausser's Avatar
    As for you categories in categories options thur off title bar and hide dock. Your icons won't get cut off. I'll make your icons when I get to my mac.
    2010-04-05 05:05 AM
  9. kph12's Avatar
    Appreciate it man .
    2010-04-05 05:13 AM
  10. iphonerookie's Avatar
    btw....i'm testing my Live Weather icon for iOS who wants to be my beta tester for it over the next several days? i don't want to release it w/out seeing how it behaves for people. Whoever volunteers first gets it!
    2010-04-05 05:26 AM
  11. battlecrushr's Avatar
    hehe me me
    2010-04-05 05:31 AM
  12. iphonerookie's Avatar
    hehe me me
    u got it...check your PM's soon

    live clock is looking good btw

    Rook's iOS Standard/Pro/Signature Add-on v2

    I just did the status battery percent numbers in this version, i didn't waste time updating the screenshots below, but all that is different is the percentage numbers=) I changed the post on the previous page to skip to this page and grab it here!

    This add-on is a mini theme that just gets added above all your other iOS themes in WinterBoard. Included are:

    - signal & wifi bars
    - status batteries
    - 3G & Edge logos
    - lockscreen battery (i included it and credit to whoever made it as I forget who did. i threw it in because i thoought it looked good even though we really don't use/see it=))
    - skinned Ping! theme
    - BeejiveIM bubbles
    - iOS carrier logo
    - battery percentage numbers

    save this to your camera roll and select as your wallpaper/background from inside the BeejiveIM app for best results/effect:

    ssh the theme to var/stash/themes.xxxxx and click on in winterboad. if you have any questions feel free to ask!


    - Rook

    Download Link:

    Download Rook's iOS Status Modv2.theme.rar from Sendspace.com - send big files the easy way

    oh...and here are two screenshots with the % numbers and the liveclock/live weather icon i've been working on:

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    2010-04-05 07:42 AM
  13. SnowLeo's Avatar
    loving the new mods rook. mind posting the lockscreen battery?
    2010-04-05 07:46 AM
  14. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    Great mods rook, really nice stuff.
    2010-04-05 07:51 AM
  15. iphonerookie's Avatar
    loving the new mods rook. mind posting the lockscreen battery?
    the lockscreen battery is in the download
    2010-04-05 07:53 AM
  16. SnowLeo's Avatar
    im not at my computer right now lol im like in bed because its 1:55 am where I am. mind posting the screenie for a lazy guy like me?
    2010-04-05 07:55 AM
  17. Forever Young's Avatar
    I make all new image to fit appleaccuweather source ....THIS ONLY FOR IF YOU PREFER ACCUWEATHER , not use this image if you use yahooweathher

    Only put this in private/iconsets

    Here is a LINK

    I don't get this... what was the problem with the whole weather thing on signature?... should I change the yahoo images also?... and if I wanna use accuweather images do I have to change appleAccuweatherStolen.js at all?... and one more thing, can these images be used with yahoo also?
    2010-04-05 08:04 AM
  18. iphonerookie's Avatar
    i dont have a screenie of the lockscreen battery...like i said it doesnt show up because it's an html theme...i just threw it in there cuz i saw it somewhere and it looked sweet and figured in case anyone shuts off html they'll see it lol
    2010-04-05 08:08 AM
  19. plasmakirby's Avatar
    newest edition of this theme seems like a blend between normal iOS and pro version...a best of both worlds in my opinion. weather widget is beautiful and ingenious!
    2010-04-05 08:29 AM
  20. zausser's Avatar
    Those weather images posted are not needed. Unless you choose the accuweather. The theme weather images are set up default to yahoo out of the box
    2010-04-05 08:30 AM
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