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    using winterboard extensions, ssh, photoshop

    Whats up guys,
    well here we go, im back to try something new.
    Some of you may know me from the revisions i made to dockflow at this post HERE. Yeah it was pretty simple, and I liked that clean look to it so I kept it for quite a while.

    So recently I decided to try something new and created a customized android style theme. I havent been on here in a while, so I havent been able to see other peoples android themes either. What I did was basically download different winterboard extensions / pieces and customized them with SSH and photoshop to make it basically like my own. no coding was involved. The hardest part of this entire process was creating the icons for each of my apps. I can truly say now how time consuming and difficult it can be to build a theme, and my work was MUCH easier than many other people's themes they have posted here.

    It is still rough and im working on it to make it more my own, but as I said before, im trying to go for just the simple / clean look. I need to give credit to those who submitted the original work to Cydia, so I have posted a screen shot of what I am using at the end of the break. Take a look at the pictures and tell me what you all think. All of you can pretty much get your iPhone to look like mine with a few hours of work, and i'd be more than happy to help you all out.



    all icons were created by me in a 60x60 pixel photoshop pad, saved as png, and the icons are relatively 30x30 pixel, except dock icons, which are a bit larger. I downloaded ABEO theme, but only have "Abeo Extra Icons" turned on. SSH'd into there to change all the icons and replace them with my own. the dock is ssh'd in using "dock flow 3.0 original".

    (from cydia, not modified at all)
    Name of theme: "Monster Droid SBSettings"
    Developed by: mrpunk2u
    notice how this theme does not hog your available memory. 140mb is quite a lot. (3GS)


    used SSH to change messages app background.



    thanks to all the developers / creators who created the originals!

    Here are some post notes,
    the clock located on the home screen is actually LIVE, as you can see from my list of winterboard extensions. I had to edit the icon and turn off the seconds hand.

    the calendar, i couldnt decrease the size to have it legitimately working, so I had to download "no calendar date" off cydia to turn it off so I can just make my own. that was unfortunate I looked for the coding in the plist for mobilecal but I couldnt find where to change it. Thus, no coding involved.

    the blue flame extension is just a battery charging look. it just changes the way the battery looks when being charged. No big deal.

    please THANK me if i helped you in any way! (or you just like it) Hope you enjoyed it.

    Attached Thumbnails [preview] [r]android | custom theme w/ all screenshots-r-2-unlock-screen.jpg  
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    2010-03-24 01:04 AM
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    sbsettings theme is stellar
    2010-03-24 01:47 AM
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    yeah absolutely. i definitely was not expecting it to look that smooth.
    I think im gonna start working on my icons soon. I need them to look more android-ish.
    if you can, please [thank] me if i helped you or you liked what i said! :]
    2010-03-24 06:06 AM
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    where did you get that Android SBSettings theme ?
    2010-03-24 11:45 AM
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    exactly Im pretty damn sure that SBsettings came from the monster droid theme
    2010-03-24 12:18 PM
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    yep! its called, "Monster Droid SBSettings" (v/1.0)
    if you can, please [thank] me if i helped you or you liked what i said! :]
    2010-03-24 07:36 PM
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    It actually looks pretty nice with the theme and Im glad you got permission from the dev just makin sure there wasnt anything taken without permission
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    2010-03-24 11:30 PM
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    did you get permission from the dev of Monster Droid to use his sbsettings in your theme?? in your post before replying to someone calling the sbsettings "stellar"
    although it's nice to give credit, in the long run, it really won't change anything.
    2010-03-25 01:40 AM
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    @lolcats yeah it does matter in the end because the dev deserves proper credit for their hard work otherwise its stealing. The OP would never do that of course and hes told me that he has full permission to do so. I just mustve missed it mentioned in the first post. By the way the themes coming along pretty nice and now that I look at it the SBsettings does compliment the theme. keep up the good work. (:
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    snowleo thanks for editing your post.

    the last thing I would ever want to do is to steal from people who spent countless hours creating themes nor am I distributing anything from this thread.


    Third, the graphic in your avatar, is technically a copyright violation, if you want to be rude about it and discuss stealing.
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    if you can, please [thank] me if i helped you or you liked what i said! :]
    2010-03-25 11:52 AM
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    dude I'm really sorry I thought lolcats was you for a sec. my bad so sorry bout that. I didnt think you would actually steal like that... give me a min to edit me post. So sorry bout that lolcats is the theif here not you. really didnt mean to accuse you of anything its just that Ive been using the Monster Droid theme for a while and on the thread and then I saw it in your theme and didnt missed the mention of it in the first post and also mistook lolcats comment for your own.

    Oh and I made my avatar in photoshop myself as part of the lockscreen I made for my gold inspired OS mod. lol but I bet apple will try to sue me for it just like they tried to sue that fruit market that used a completely different looking apple as their logo.
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    Regardless of how many people have an apple logo as their avatar in the exact shape of the logo owned by Apple Inc. (i.e. yours) still makes it essentially a violation of copyright.

    I appreciate your apology, I will put the exact name of the sbsettings theme underneath the photo in the op.
    if you can, please [thank] me if i helped you or you liked what i said! :]
    2010-03-25 12:23 PM
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    yeah but if you do a google image search for apple logo itll come up with hundreds of thousands of apple logos that arent the actual one but the same shape. Anyways there are tons of themes here that use it or modifications of it without apples permission. but then again the whole jailbreaking is done without permission and is technically a viloation of their sdk or whatever. the only time someones ever got in trouble for something like that is when someone made a palm pre theme that used every image from the actual pre's UI that palm issued a cease and desist on the theme. But it was a really nice theme and someone els on that thread still posts a link.
    2010-03-25 12:44 PM
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    where can i find messaging background in ssh?
    2010-03-27 09:37 AM
  15. lolcats1's Avatar
    wait, what did i steal?
    2010-03-27 06:43 PM
  16. SnowLeo's Avatar
    you were saying that theres nothing wrong with stealing other peoples themes with your comment
    2010-03-27 09:28 PM
  17. lolcats1's Avatar
    you were saying that theres nothing wrong with stealing other peoples themes with your comment
    if that's really what you got out of it, then i'm amused
    2010-03-28 03:58 AM
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    where can i find messaging background in ssh?
    access your ssh, then press the up folder as many times as you can till it doesnt change anymore. Then go to Library > themes > and choose that theme > then it should have some kind of a .png labeled with "background" or something. Good luck!

    if that's really what you got out of it, then i'm amused
    I think snowleo has been a little confused throughout this thread. No offense by the way.
    if you can, please [thank] me if i helped you or you liked what i said! :]
    2010-03-28 04:10 AM