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    Hello I am wondering if anyone would be interested in making a theme for me. I have tried to make it but i have had trouble doing it . So i would like someone with more experience to try. Well the theme i would like would be an Antonio Cromartie Theme from the San Diego Chargers. The idea i had in mind was His background image which you can get from here in the background. And for each icon i would like the icon to be a teams logo that he intercepted or did something unbelievable against.With the teams he intercepted i would like a little number in the corner of each teams logo showing how many interceptions he had against that team. If you need help with finding out what teams he had interceptions against and how many you can find it here Also i would like a unlock screen with image of the "one handed interception that he did against Reggie Wayne" and if its not too much trouble an slider with the words "CRIME TIME" I would be very appreciate to whoever does this and very grateful. REP will be given if possible. well if you need any help or need to contact me for anything then please do so at anytime. my email is: [email protected]. Well i hope you can do this for me and ill talk to whoever does this for me later.
    2008-03-16 09:05 PM