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  1. matiu's Avatar
    Hi guys, today was released SBrotator on Cydia Store and I think it would be a great thing make or modifying themes with support of landscape mode.
    Anyone will make a theme with this feature?
    2010-03-30 07:12 PM
  2. wannabprogramma's Avatar
    i was making a landscape theme but now im implementing this into it...should be cool...
    The Next Generation of Phreaks.
    2010-03-31 01:47 AM
  3. PhanaticD's Avatar
    im gonna wait till the program gets more stable/compatible with everything
    2010-03-31 02:13 AM
  4. Entombed Sh4dw's Avatar
    Im a little hesitant to make it a requirement of any themes but I will be looking at integrating it into a few themes for those who want landscape stuff.
    2010-03-31 03:12 AM
  5. SnowLeo's Avatar
    should work with almost every theme that doesnt use stacks. too bad no stacks compatibility yet
    2010-03-31 03:20 AM
  6. rafx80's Avatar
    Clock widgets and weather don't rotate. I turned it off for now. It doesn't look good.
    2010-03-31 03:22 AM
  7. SnowLeo's Avatar
    2010-03-31 03:37 AM
  8. Pizentu's Avatar
    When this thing works with PogoPlank< I will buy it. It looks awesome.
    2010-03-31 04:52 AM
  9. battlecrushr's Avatar
    Did u try it with pp
    2010-03-31 04:53 AM
  10. Pizentu's Avatar
    ^^ No. I am just guessing that it wont work with PogoPlank. I havent found anyone to confirm or deny it either.
    2010-03-31 05:19 AM
  11. stlcaddie's Avatar
    Doesn't work with bosspaper on rotating the background.
    2010-03-31 05:49 AM
  12. subywrex's Avatar
    I still dont understand why anyone would use stacks lol when categories sb is sooooo much better. But to mad it doesn't work right with cat sb either . Waiting for next update
    2010-03-31 06:53 AM
  13. Entombed Sh4dw's Avatar
    Its due to html codes used to create widgets and other SB modifications, those htmls specify locations for certain things to be located, SBR has a specific code to affect icons [does an ok job of this] and their positions based on the screen orientation and the average icons and amount of them.
    2010-03-31 08:44 AM
  14. matiu's Avatar
    So guys, who has intention to make a theme with this support of a landscape mode?
    I think a snow Leopard or ubuntu theme would be great with both portrait and landscape mode.
    2010-03-31 12:22 PM
  15. PhanaticD's Avatar
    sorry but the ubuntu one has all sort of other app rquirements/widgets that would make it very difficult/impossible
    2010-03-31 12:59 PM
  16. indyracer05's Avatar
    Im going with phanaticd on this one and also the dock is set up a different way than current non sbrotator themes like ubuntu or lopeard
    2010-04-03 05:04 AM
  17. thetjshow's Avatar
    also I'm using the 5 rows tweak and it seems that when I rotate, the bottom most row of icons can't be seen..! lol though I'm sure it'll be fixed soon. apart from that, it's yet another terrific development. and I'm sure themers will look onto this tecnology when it is a little more compatible and stable.
    2010-04-03 03:51 PM
  18. Pizentu's Avatar
    For anyone wondering, PogoPlank "semi" works with sbrotator. The wheel doesnt shrink so you only see 4 out of the 5 folders and after you rotate the phone more than one 90 degree angle, the list gets stretched. It is still useable though. I had to use 1 iblank in the dock to make room for the wheel. but overall I dont think it looks too bad.

    2010-04-03 05:06 PM