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    Hi People,

    Please excuse me im still a novice with theme's. In the learning process. Anyways on this dbar 50 theme how can I change the ipod icon so its like the other quick launch icons. Please see pic:

    Thank You.
    2010-04-03 10:16 PM
  2. battlecrushr's Avatar
    use ps to make the icon
    2010-04-03 11:41 PM
  3. Smurf786's Avatar
    Thanks battlecrushr,

    Im trying to find the folder where the other icons are located so i can use one of them as a template but i cant see the default phone, text etc icons?

    2010-04-03 11:48 PM
  4. JimboHurt's Avatar
    Yeah dude easy. That folder you are looking for is var/stash/themes/dbar 50/icons/
    in there
    2010-04-03 11:52 PM
  5. battlecrushr's Avatar
    its gonna be in ThEME NAME folder and the Icons
    2010-04-03 11:53 PM
  6. JimboHurt's Avatar
    lol i beat ya :P
    2010-04-03 11:53 PM
  7. battlecrushr's Avatar
    haha ur too fast
    2010-04-03 11:57 PM
  8. Smurf786's Avatar
    Thanks Guys,

    Im in that folder now but it dont have either that ipod icon or any of the standard dock icons such as PHONE, TEXT, etc. Im really confused now.

    Hmmm unsure what to do now?

    EDIT: My bad sorry ive found them but still not found the ipod one. What is it called im just missing it. Lol. By da way im crap at ps anyone have the ipod icon already?

    Thank you.
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    2010-04-03 11:58 PM
  9. battlecrushr's Avatar
    could u upload the folder

    no wait dbar 50 is in cydia rite?
    give me one sec

    no never mind could u upload the whole folder
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    2010-04-04 12:03 AM
  10. Smurf786's Avatar
    Ok i found the ipod icon also and i found an IPOD icon already saved as ipod hi.png next to it im going to change that to ipod.png and see if it works. I post back soon.

    EDIT: Ok i got the ipod icon there now but it wont sit at the bottom. It says IPOD in caps and at bottom says ipod aswell. think i will need the right ipod icon for the bottom.

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    2010-04-04 12:10 AM
  11. battlecrushr's Avatar
    ya thatll make it work

    actually make sure its
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    2010-04-04 12:12 AM
  12. Smurf786's Avatar
    Ok ive attached the ipod icon. I think it needs to be edited so its not at top but the bottom. I dont have ps. I tried paint but the icon came with a white background.

    Attached Images Dbar 50 Quick Launch Icon-ipod-hi.png 
    2010-04-04 12:24 AM
  13. battlecrushr's Avatar
    i think if u just place it in Library/Themes/dbar50/Icons
    itll work
    2010-04-04 12:37 AM
  14. Smurf786's Avatar
    I tried it mate it sits ok at the top but not at the bottom it sits higher. Not inline with the other bottom icons.
    2010-04-04 12:44 AM
  15. battlecrushr's Avatar
    maybe someonelse will help cause i have no photoshop skill whatsoever
    2010-04-04 12:50 AM
  16. JimboHurt's Avatar
    k dude. join the irc.rizon server and /join #dbar. they will help you

    (if you have no idea what that means then nvm.) lol and if that is the case, once my normal forum is up i can easily get you an ipod icon that is meant for the dock, not the top.
    2010-04-04 12:55 AM
  17. Smurf786's Avatar
    Yeh I think I will. I'm sure someone already has the file if not I'm sure someone will be able to edit it for me. I prob have a bash at it with another program also. Thanks everyone.

    I've realised that icon has still got the iPod app name to it aswell so that need's removing also. Thanks
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    2010-04-04 01:09 AM
  18. Smurf786's Avatar
    I got a cydia app called rename 2, it has all the apps apart from iPod so I can't just blank that one. Hmmm. Is it because I'm on 3.1.3 maybe? Anyone else have this app called rename 2? Does it show iPod in ur listbif you have it? Thanks
    2010-04-05 03:29 AM
  19. Smurf786's Avatar
    Finally sorted it thanks to rgt168 who seen this thread and sent me the correct file although it still sat too high so i had to edit it with photoshop and now its perfect. Thanks to everyone that helped.
    2010-04-06 06:46 PM
  20. Chkboy's Avatar
    Can someone please teach me how to get the slider app tray? Many thanks.
    2010-12-23 09:46 AM