1. Nicholas Knight's Avatar
    we already use a slideshow that I custom worte
    2010-04-25 03:30 AM
  2. battlecrushr's Avatar
    2010-04-25 03:55 AM
  3. jakec233's Avatar
    Theres an app in the app store that allows users to import their music and play it using a zune-like interface. The music files and the album art must be stored somewhere. Only i cant find it. lol. the app is called Muzik by the way. Its free too
    2010-04-25 03:56 AM
  4. Nicholas Knight's Avatar
    ill decompile the app and see how it wrorks I will get back to you

    hey everyone check out The LAN Network and donate. Its for children in hospitals and stuff. Its a really good cause. Anything will help.

    im zS SilverShot on there btw and make sure you mention modmyi in the comments part
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    2010-04-25 04:16 AM
  5. jakec233's Avatar
    Another possible lead on the music widget. Theres an apo called Tap4Music that was just released. it allows you to create icons on the springboard that when you tap them, they play a specific album. Not really a music widget, but its the next best thing i guess
    2010-04-25 04:30 AM
  6. Entombed Sh4dw's Avatar
    Bit of a delay on things at the moment. Due to issues with Iconoclasm I am stuck trying to get layouts working without invisible icons. I have emailed the dev of Iconoclasm in hope of a fix for these issues. Nick has had some issues with Iconoclasm also which doesnt make things easy.

    EDIT: I cannot find a solution to the issues using the current version of Iconoclasm. If anyone has any suggestions in regards to the invisible icons other than turning off Iconsupport please let me know.

    In the mean time who is using the current verion of Iconclasm with no issues?
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    2010-04-25 09:23 AM
  7. Nicholas Knight's Avatar
    downgrade iconoclasm to 1.3 it solved all the problems for me
    2010-04-25 02:45 PM
  8. moe_12345's Avatar
    I'd like to confirm that - a downgrade to v1.3 seems to solve most twirky issues!
    2010-04-25 05:47 PM
  9. Entombed Sh4dw's Avatar
    Yeah I confirm that Also but we shouldn't need to. I have a feeling it is the way the layout is coded. Will do testing tomorrow after work.
    2010-04-25 05:50 PM
  10. kph12's Avatar
    How did you guys go about downgrading to 1.3?
    2010-04-25 06:01 PM
  11. Nicholas Knight's Avatar
    uninstal 1.4 locate the 1.3 deb file online. place it in var/mobile

    find it in iFile and install
    2010-04-25 06:33 PM
  12. Raaj FX was banned's Avatar
    I love this theme.

    That is all.
    2010-04-25 06:41 PM
  13. Nicholas Knight's Avatar
    make sure you all pm Entombed so that you may receive the beta.
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    2010-04-25 06:43 PM
  14. NeptuneX3's Avatar
    i have sent my donation and PM to Entombed....hope to see the beta...

    2010-04-26 07:52 AM
  15. Entombed Sh4dw's Avatar
    Thanks Neptune.

    Those of you who are wanting to Beta test Eight OS please PM me. You will be contacted shortly after with donation details and once Beta is ready you will be contacted via email with download details.

    I have been talking with Yanik[developer] about Iconoclasm and havent had much luck in testing fixes for issues I am having with 1.4-1. I have rolled back to 1.3 for now so that I can continue work on my theme(s) but hope to fix the issues I am having. FYI on my issues, I have had looping Safe Mode and invisible icons.
    From my email with Yanik I have a feeling that the style of layouts the themes like Eight OS and other "non-regular" layouts are the cause of the issues. Further testing is needed to make sure this works with 1.4-1.

    But never fear, this will not hinder Eight OS progress and I wont let it!
    2010-04-26 12:28 PM
  16. UofMBob's Avatar
    That is great news. This theme is gonna be a game changer and I can't wait to see fruition
    2010-04-26 04:25 PM
  17. Turismo's Avatar
    Would you need to pay to be a beta tester?
    2010-04-26 06:24 PM
  18. Nicholas Knight's Avatar
    Yup it's a paid beta due to the beta being almost the full theme
    2010-04-26 07:25 PM
  19. battlecrushr's Avatar
    imma bout to donate in about 30 mins
    2010-04-27 12:08 AM
  20. kph12's Avatar
    I just have to have this! Awesome work! Donation amount required to beta test?
    2010-04-27 12:27 AM
2,000 ... 891011122060 ...