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  1. headcheese's Avatar
    Hey gang!

    I reset my network settings this morning because I couldn't connect to 3G (which worked) but ever since then I have had an odd icon on my status bar. It looks like a phone handset, and it doesn't match up with the images in my theme. I do not have a missed call but it's still there.

    I tried everything. It dawned on me that it looked like a StatusNotifier icon (which I don't have now but I used to before I got Notifier) so I downloaded StatusNotifier and then deleted it. That didn't help. Tried reinstalling Notifier, getting rid of Notifier, nothing. It is there even when I have no status bar notifier client of any kind

    Odd thing is that when I have a lot of icons on my status bar it isn't always there (see attached pics).

    Any ideas on how to get rid of this annoyance?
    Attached Thumbnails Problem with status bar icons-photo1.jpg   Problem with status bar icons-photo.jpg  
    2010-04-07 05:03 PM
  2. wim66's Avatar
    Looks like the Lockinfo phone icon.
    If you have LI, try to disable it in Settings-->Lockinfo-->Plugins-->Phone
    2010-04-07 08:34 PM
  3. headcheese's Avatar
    Forgot to reply that I figured it out It was from iblacklist.

    Thanks for the try!
    2010-04-07 08:57 PM