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    I've been trying to theme iRemix (the iPod extension that adds song info, favourites, bookmarks to songs etc) but so far no joy.

    I found the files that are used in /Library/MobileSubstrate/MusicEnhancer.bundle

    At this stage let me point out I'm trying to theme this via Winterboard and not directly replacing the files, so I've used the bundle identifier which is 'com.efiko.iremix'

    By creating the following folder structure, themeing the files should be possible:

    Nothing works!!!

    Has anyone else tried this yet and is it possible???

    Just to test, I replaced the actual files in //Library/MobileSubstrate/MusicEnhancer.bundle

    Still didn't work. How is that even possible!

    I can only presume there's some kind of image cache, but don't know where or how to clear it.
    Tried respringing, rebooting, turning off for a fw minutes then back on... nothing!
    2010-04-08 04:18 PM