1. indyracer05's Avatar
    I AM NOT A NOOB, dammit, i saved myself from restoring 3 freakin times, just sayin
    2010-04-09 11:13 PM
  2. izyice's Avatar
    another thing the user icon on the top right make the phone respring, wondering if its possible to change that to search or something rather than respring something useful
    2010-04-09 11:13 PM
  3. indyracer05's Avatar
    oh and is anyone working on a landscape search page?
    2010-04-09 11:16 PM
  4. PhanaticD's Avatar
    another thing the user icon on the top right make the phone respring, wondering if its possible to change that to search or something rather than respring something useful
    first useful comment =D yes, that is a very good idea, and if a landscape search page comes out it will be even better
    2010-04-09 11:19 PM
  5. izyice's Avatar
    iphone 3gs 3.1.2

    i only have 3 dock icon on the 1st page and they all work but on the other page i have all 5 on all the pages and they dont do anything? another is that on one of the pages the web icon is missing tried respring but its still nowhere to be seem?

    wtf just as i was typing my phone came up with low battery, showing the % its currently on but the ******* cam up with some of 4king wierd number for a low battery '5736773260%' YOU WHAT!

    and the top tree button 'home, web, setting' when clicked on the highlighted area seem to highlight the next option as well as the selected one
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    2010-04-09 11:42 PM
  6. PhanaticD's Avatar
    dumy thats why u dont do it on iphone. and screenshots?

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    2010-04-10 03:49 AM
  7. indyracer05's Avatar
    Phan, is there a way to make the iPod controls and the album artwork on the lockscreen in landscape
    2010-04-10 04:34 AM
  8. Repulsa's Avatar
    How do you remove this theme ? because I think i messed up a Bit , well i already removed the theme but the thing is i can't hide the icons Please help?
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    2010-04-10 05:56 AM
  9. battlecrushr's Avatar
    Thru cydia
    2010-04-10 06:14 AM
  10. Repulsa's Avatar
    After removing the theme all my Apps can't hide the icons by using Categories what can i do now?
    2010-04-10 06:20 AM
  11. battlecrushr's Avatar
    Could u elaborate. I don't understand what ur saying
    2010-04-10 06:27 AM
  12. carloqt's Avatar
    is there some1 can do this one page theme? this is great
    can you also do one page theme?

    loves this theme
    2010-04-10 06:40 AM
  13. indyracer05's Avatar
    Repulsa, the same thing happens to me, just hide them thru sb settings, and yes they will still show up in your categoies
    2010-04-10 06:43 AM
  14. Repulsa's Avatar
    I did Hide them thru sb settings, but no luck fixing it , ahh I dont wanna restore lol.
    2010-04-10 07:04 AM
  15. levy_devy's Avatar
    PhanaticD, you should upload some pictures of where the icons should be without the theme on. Incase for some people the "wiggle mode" doesn't work, like me .

    EDIT: Never mind, I uninstalled it, then reinstalled. Now everything's fine, except not everything is alligned properly
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    2010-04-10 12:42 PM
  16. izyice's Avatar
    if you still cant hide icon then i would suggest ether unhide all apps then rehide if that doesnt work then you remove can try removing and reinstalling catergories sbsetting or what software your using. also trying turning your phone off for a bit it should relax and run smoothly...
    2010-04-10 02:39 PM
  17. matiu's Avatar
    yall are noobs >.< dammit read the whole post (i edited it)
    I'm not a noob (I've installed a lot of themes...), is your theme that have a difficult setup.

    Good work.
    2010-04-10 03:18 PM
  18. PhanaticD's Avatar
    ok, i was made aware of the hiding apps bug yesterday from krs on macciti, in order to fix it just delete the file thats called libhide in User/Library. for some reason when the isetup restores ur hidden apps it doesnt create a directory it creates a file. there will be a update.

    this wont be one page carloqt.. it wouldnt work

    everyone please understand the icons wont be aligned right rite after a respring. u hafta lock the screen then unlock for the status bar to go away, then u hafta do the wiggle thing to settle all the icons back a page. most of them should be aligned right. for me they all were except for voice memos which was in a spot where there was supposed to be menu

    okay small update
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    2010-04-10 09:52 PM
  19. itouch8112's Avatar
    im about to give this theme another shot. quick question (might be stupid) should i set category folders before i install theme.
    2010-04-10 10:16 PM
  20. PhanaticD's Avatar
    nope. btw i edited alot on the first post, hopefully a little more organized
    2010-04-10 11:14 PM
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