1. germandude's Avatar
    5...,4...!!! blue can do the 3,2,1,RELEASED when the theme is out...hehe :-P
    2010-04-23 04:20 PM
  2. Blue's Avatar
    So keep cool , even if holdem sends me the needed files now, it can last up to two days till its on cydia. Enjoy the sun, relaxe and drink a german beer or two (but don´t loose your prototypes)
    2010-04-23 04:34 PM
  3. DrMod's Avatar
    I installed iconoclasm, but cant find a suitable layout, consequently, all of my icons are all over the place.. how do I fix? Is there an easy way to either move all my icons away from the frist pages, or insert blank pages??

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    2010-04-23 04:38 PM
  4. germandude's Avatar
    haha yeah blue, we're all just having a pre-release party today and the next couple of days.

    About loosing the prototypes, we got to make sure holdemdogg doesn't get too many German beers now, specially after coming home from nightshift...lol

    it's indeed hot here for sure, a German is just not used to heat like that, but could not complain about summer in the winter time :-P
    2010-04-23 04:41 PM
  5. moe_12345's Avatar
    I installed iconoclasm, but cant find a suitable layout...
    Please see post #501 above. Sometimes a simple search first in the thread answers a lot of the questions/problems you may have.
    2010-04-23 04:59 PM
  6. Blue's Avatar
    i just added moe´s iconoclasm layout to post one now.

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us
    2010-04-23 05:02 PM
  7. holdemdogg's Avatar
    Ok guys I'm sending these to blue

    What you get is

    Analog clock plus weather
    Analog clock without weather

    Digital clock plus weather
    Digital clock without weather

    All scripts made to match the picture in the first post resized weather icons and all

    Here is some screen shots before I go to sleep been up for 29 hours as of now

    Dont pay any attention to the date I changed my date to one of the longest days of the year to make sure it fits

    Hope ya'll like them
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    2010-04-23 06:27 PM
  8. matiu's Avatar
    Great work widget guru!
    2010-04-23 06:36 PM
  9. holdemdogg's Avatar
    @matiu Thank you

    @Blue as promised I have redone a few things that I will send to you so you can use any Icon in the dock they all line up. It will be in png form so you can make all your time changing backgrounds with it

    Heres some screen with a background I made (didnt want to change all the time changing backgrounds yet lol)

    Dont mind the clock.png over the clock it wont be there I forgot to take it out lol

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    2010-04-23 07:05 PM
  10. bashi007's Avatar
    Hi guys, i have a problem in that i can't scroll my apps in categories folder, the max apps i see is 16 and i have more than that. im using iconclasm, previously when i used iblanks it all worked. so something to do with iconoclasm

    any ideas?
    2010-04-23 07:30 PM
  11. STEVEFFF's Avatar
    i have the same problem
    2010-04-23 07:36 PM
  12. henftling's Avatar
    First: Blue, the weather backrounds are georgeous! Super Arbeit! :-)

    Hi guys, i have a problem in that i can't scroll my apps in categories folder, the max apps i see is 16 and i have more than that. im using iconclasm, previously when i used iblanks it all worked. so something to do with iconoclasm

    any ideas?
    i have the same problem
    same here: which extensions do you guys have installed? I thought it may is related to the combination of Infiniboard / Infinidock / Iconoclasm

    Maybe we just list the extensions as well as germandude and we will see what his setup differs from ours:

    my extensions are:
    -Apt Backup
    - Backrounder
    - BossPaper
    - Categories
    - CategoriesSB
    - iBlank
    - Iconoclasm
    - InfiniBoard
    - InfiniDock
    - iWipe
    - iWipe Cache
    - LockCalendar
    - Lockscreen ClockHide
    - MediaPhone Installer
    - Mobile Terminal
    - MultiIconMover
    - ProSwitcher
    - SBSettings
    - SpringBack
    - SpringJumps
    - StatusNotifier
    - Supercharged
    - Weathericon
    - Window Planer
    - 60 Second Lockscreen

    @ germandude: Would you mind list your Cydia Apps?

    Also one question: Did ANYbody of the non-sucessfull-Iconoclasm-people-had installed stacks 3 beta? I mean that one you had manually to install?
    2010-04-23 08:05 PM
  13. henftling's Avatar
    btw: one more weather icon and one 2do (for dock)
    Evolution OS 2-2do.png

    Evolution OS 2-fizz-weather.png
    2010-04-23 08:09 PM
  14. STEVEFFF's Avatar
    i have
    - Backrounder
    - BossPaper- CategoriesSB
    - iBlank
    - Iconoclas
    - InfiniDock
    - iWipe Cache
    - Lockscreen ClockHide
    - - SBSettings
    - SpringBack
    - SpringJumps
    - StatusNotifier

    - Weathericon
    2010-04-23 08:14 PM
  15. ar1b3nz's Avatar
    Please read post one. the Features of v 1.0 and what comes with Version 1.1. You'll get all that nice stuff soon only the weather is missing and someone should give me a working link to a working iconoclasm layout please.
    Sounds good Blu that explains why I'm missing some stuff from your original post, i guess all i have to wait for you to update E. OS2 ti 1.1 to get the rest of the goodies, thanks for the quick response on this matter, I don't have nothing bad to said about it other than is pretty slick looking theme and not that hard to set up is only time consuming creating the icons but nothing crazy. I appreciate the work and talent that you have in order to make this theme one of the greatest of all time at least imo.
    2010-04-23 08:40 PM
  16. Blue's Avatar
    Thanky you.

    Iconoclasm ist still a problem it seems...

    So i just got the files from Holdemdogg, our widget king

    So here is a first live working version of the weather backgound. But give me one or two days to test, maybe allign and pack everything guys.

    2010-04-23 09:08 PM
  17. henftling's Avatar
    looks awesome in my opinion a bit smaller font would be better to better harmonize with these great backgrounds but a very very nice feature
    2010-04-23 09:28 PM
  18. moe_12345's Avatar
    @ SteveFFF/Henftling, applying the EvoOS2 Page 2+ layout to Iconoclasm setting for Page 11+ if you're using Categories/SB is a no go - it just won't work! If you want to use all the theme's icons in a vertical scrolling manner the way the theme has been designed I'd advise you to USE the ICONOCLASM LAYOUT but DO NOT USE CATEGORIES/SB folders at all.

    If you want to use a combination ie Evo icons + Categories then DO NOT USE Evo Page2+ as your Page 11+ in Iconoclasm, rather choose 4x4 or 5x4 layout and then use stock icons (or another icon set) in your Categories folders. This is how I've got this theme setup on my device. I basically use a few icons on my Springboard for Categories folders and an icon overlay for apps inside the Categories folders. I don't even want to venture an opinion on what the culprit-apps could be (Infiniboard, Infinidock, Iconoclasm, Categories/SB...) e.g. turning ON VERTICAL PAGING in Infiniboard basically cancels the vertical scrolling achieved by Evo Iconoclasm Page 2+ layout! Or maybe it's just on my device! But I've basically ceased all trouble-shooting on these apps/setups and am content with how I've applied the theme and achieve vertical scrolling the the superb theme icons other than in Categories/SB folders!

    I've never tried to use blank icons in a Categories/SB folder but maybe that's an option for you guys?
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    2010-04-23 10:11 PM
  19. Blue's Avatar
    so okay, its late here, a last screenshot, i´m working on the layout of everything, looks aweseome
    Here with holdemdoggs digital clock tweak:


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    2010-04-23 11:14 PM
  20. iPapeto's Avatar
    Hey Blue, that screenshot´s are awesome ... How can I get?
    2010-04-24 04:11 AM
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