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    hehe...somewhat of an idea for sbSettings. Just needs to have the Evolution OS2 icons for the tabs. Takes up the whole screen too, but it's not so bad and why not :-P It's an actual working sbSettings.

    Don't kill me blue, I am sure you have your own good ideas.
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    So, larger topbars are graphics, smaller topbars can be themed with the info.plist. The larger black topbars are also used for other apps too. this is all very tricky.

    @germandude: Post your ideas, im always inspired from it. I plan a smaller version and the buttons will have the glassy picture-look.

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    cheers blue that perfect meet you in the semis i know im pushing it i need classics and 3d bookshelf please sorry also jamie oliver and isteamy thanks guys
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    Iconoclasm version which was supposed to fix all those pesky issues has not passed the beta testing! Issues are still rampant! Sigh...back to dev and we continue to wait...
    2010-04-30 08:17 PM
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    @blue your idea is fantastic and defintely glassy picture look, blue and thank you for the inspiration compliment Here is another idea with the top bar a little different as seen attached. By the way buddy, sbSettings somewhat like the battery charging style for the sbSettings would be way awesome...haha...the battery charger is really a master piece.

    The version that you are planning on doing being smaller is not bad. From what I found, there are 3 rows of backgroundimages that got to be done (e.g. BackgroundImage1Row.png until 3Row), and they got to be different sizes if the rows of picture tabs grow.
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    CoPilot NA


    Driving Games








    Tower Defense

    2010-04-30 08:21 PM
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    can someone post some screens from the pages without the theme ?
    2010-04-30 08:30 PM
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    haha blue, check those out.
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    2010-04-30 09:11 PM
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    can someone post some screens from the pages without the theme ?
    =Please look at the attachments of post one. In your themes-folder are the same installation pictures if you mean that.

    @joeStorm: unfortunatly you forgot the fx/layerstyles on 5 icons and 7 icons have no second text.

    @germandude: you just inspired me using the small text and arrow at the top for sbsettings, nice idea So SB settings are only some windows in different sizes, as i now have a final windows layout this is a 15 minutea job, the problem are the many addons for it, they all must be styled, at least 20 or 30, with on/off/neutral style, so dont expect that too soon, this means minimum 60 (!) new graphics (icons)

    At the moment i use this native styled blue one: "nativeui-sb" (search at cydia please)
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    @joeStorm: unfortunatly you forgot the fx/layerstyles on 5 icons and 7 icons have no second text.
    The layer styles are there. I just double-checked them. They just don't pop like on a light color icon that fills the top. I didn't put a second line on category graphics.


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    Okay i got the "problem": you use icons with no background (pngs), in this case the fx are used directly on the borders of the icons itself and not as a window border!

    mmh, hard to explain....

    okay, here you see the problem (red arrow) the layerstyles work directly at the borders of your icon and the green arrow shows the same but this icon allready has a square background and the layerstyles can work at its borders.

    So sorry for be-a-know-it-all but im a real pixelcouter LOL. This will help you for improving graphics.
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    Hiya Blue...
    Did u get my PM Bruv...
    Sorry jus makin sure if u r!!
    2010-04-30 10:51 PM
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    As promissed i started working on sbsettings, i just made one window, nothing more but harmonizes good with the small topbar, arrows and text (someone inspired me a little bit)

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    I know this in the FAQ but why don't my icons fit the screen fully? I've never installed the shrink app and I have no clue what's going on. Call me a noob but I'm also having problems with weathe localiztion in ifile. What code do I overwrite with my own (USMO0460)? Please help cuz this app is killer!!
    2010-04-30 11:09 PM
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    Be sure you have a stock layout for your iphone: 4x4 icons, no other layout choosen in iconoclsm and dont use fiveIRows or something like that !

    So for the weather this is a good idea, ill add this picture to post one and the theme folders too. Its self explaining (i hope so). Override this code with your local code and at the bottom you can change the update interval:

    2010-04-30 11:22 PM
  16. oneshotonekill's Avatar
    Just turned FCSB off and the alignment is good now, thank you. Take a look at this please, the actual text from my ifile.

    //*if*using*the*default,*Apple/AccuWeather*parser*(originally*from*Leopard's*Weat her.wdgt)
    var*locale*=*"USMO0460"**//e.g.*'Defiance,*Ohio'|'Moscow,*Russia'|'Ledyard,*A T'|'London,*UK'|"42276"

    //var*ShowAnimationFirstTime=true;*//*lock*iphone.*Wake*up*iphone*AFTER*1.5*minut*and*y ou*see*the*animation*of*the*weather.*If*you*don't* want*to*see*the*animation,*set*to*false


    //*Use*'Real*Feel'*temperatures*where*possible,*taki ng*into*account*Wind*Chill,*Humidity*etc.

    /*––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– –*/

    var*enableLockScreen*=*true;*//true|false*[Currently,*it*is*suggested*that*the*lockScreen*is* disabled.]

    //*Supplied*styles*are*'originalBubble',*'myopia',*' iconOnly'*and*'split'.

    //*Images*must*follow*the*same*naming*schema*as*the* 'klear'*set*(borrowed*from*KWeather)
    var*iconSet*=*"HTC"*//'klear'|'tango'|null*(null*makes*iconSet*=*stylesh eet)

    /*––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– –*/

    //*The*other*available*source*is*'yahooWeather'*whic h*for*the*'locale'
    //*requires*a*US*zip*or*location*code*(e.g.*UKXX0085 *or*CHXX0008)*from*Weather forecast, maps, news, alerts, and video on Yahoo! Weather

    Everything else is exactly the same...

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    hi guys

    Can someone please make the following icons, much appreciated

    Hippo Remote

    2010-04-30 11:59 PM
  18. Eamonnpd's Avatar
    Can somebody please create these icons for me,

    Tunein Radio
    Tube Deluxe
    National Rail
    London Bus
    Flight Control

    2010-05-01 12:31 AM
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    This aint a biggy, but could someone correct the spelling mistakes in these icons if they have a spare minute and make this fantastic theme perfect!

    Attached Thumbnails Evolution OS 2-contacts.png   Evolution OS 2-night-stand.png   Evolution OS 2-calculator.png   Evolution OS 2-opera-mini.png  
    2010-05-01 01:22 AM
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    uups, my school time is long ago

    @ones...:So ist this working or not ? If not, are you sure your location code is right?
    2010-05-01 01:53 AM
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