1. Blue's Avatar

    2010-05-24 10:18 PM
  2. amitaf's Avatar
    Yes. The app is called 'Planner&' it is red icon
    2010-05-24 10:39 PM
  3. Blue's Avatar
    i got it (think so)

    2010-05-24 11:59 PM
  4. yusuf530i's Avatar
    Blue. May i trouble you for:


    Thanks again
    2010-05-25 12:25 AM
  5. amitaf's Avatar
    Thanks Blue... You got it. Great Planner& App.

    That my only problem with this theme...I do not have Photoshop so unable to make apps. I put ones without icons into folders.. But need icons for the apps I use daily and don't want to put in category folders. Unfortunately, if I get a new app I can't create an icon for it (eg. I purchased an app today called 'ABC Task' and 'Note Square'... No icons for these.
    Many thanks for your icons.
    2010-05-25 12:41 AM
  6. Blue's Avatar

    2010-05-25 01:05 AM
  7. yusuf530i's Avatar
    Thanks blue.
    Excellent theme support as usual.
    2010-05-25 01:11 AM
  8. blbeesley's Avatar
    I have a few icon requests from earlier, since you asked
    - Where To?
    - Siri
    - Outside
    - Accuweather
    - Flixster
    - Good Reader
    - NeuroClock
    2010-05-25 03:22 AM
  9. Blue's Avatar
    Will be next !
    2010-05-25 07:55 AM
  10. amitaf's Avatar
    One more icon please:
    'domo Todo+'
    2010-05-25 10:57 AM
  11. Blue's Avatar
    @amitaf: comes this evening too.
    The problem of missing icons is something you'll have with nearly every theme. Many themers, me too, release themes with a automatic iconmask. But this trick does not create really nice icons nor does it work for special sized icons.
    Last edited by Blue; 2010-05-25 at 01:36 PM.
    2010-05-25 01:33 PM
  12. amitaf's Avatar
    I agree with you about the icons. Fortunately, you are making an effort to provide icons. Thank you.
    2010-05-25 01:43 PM
  13. Blue's Avatar
    So, here we go
    Please rename the if needed and report wrong icon names:

    2010-05-25 06:21 PM
  14. amitaf's Avatar
    Thank Blue! Could you make one for 'Note Square' please.
    2010-05-25 06:50 PM
  15. blbeesley's Avatar
    Thank you so much!!
    2010-05-25 06:56 PM
  16. Blue's Avatar
    2010-05-25 08:43 PM
  17. SFI_SEBA's Avatar
    Gees blue, what a support you provide here for the release, am i right saying i just have to backup my actual icons to keep them and overwrite the 1.3 iconset ?? Also, i say an undock alternate phone icon somewhere i cant seem to be able to find again, looked like the dialpad present in the theme, can ya help ??


    2010-05-26 02:14 AM
  18. SomeonePR's Avatar
    we rule
    El Nuevo Dia
    2010-05-26 07:05 AM
  19. delusion950's Avatar
    blue can you please make ----mBox Mai---- icon for black theme. tx
    2010-05-26 08:25 AM
  20. shagratt71's Avatar
    Great theme Bluemetal, Just a quick question for everyone on here and I'm sorry if this has been asked before but is it possible to make icons pass under widgets? for example, if I was to put a clock "Widget" in the dock area and then have the icons scroll under rather than over the widget...?? surely it would have to be coded into the widget plist file or something?
    2010-05-26 09:05 AM
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