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    For some reason most of the apps I had installed through Rock and Cydia, have failed to function, including Rock, Cydia, and the SBSetting's Respring. Is there anyway to fix the apps to work again?
    2010-04-11 11:43 PM
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    You are going to have to give more info if you want someone to help.
    Tima Kudinov
    2010-04-11 11:51 PM
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    Well when I tap the apps it opens and instantly closes. The apps that close are iFile Cydia rock bossprefs iwipecache

    Sbsetting isnt respringing correctly and I have to restart to fix it. If I delete one of the glitching apps it gives
    me an error saying it wasn't properly deleted but it's still removed
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    2010-04-12 01:05 AM
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    This happened right after I was in iFile. I was just browsing in the raw file system. I went into the /bin directory and opened the first file. My iPod was running slow so whentried pressing back I pressed the edit button. I may have pressed a key(I don't think I did though) and I pressed save and ifile crashed. Now most of my apps won't work. Maybe I need a copy of that file to replace the one that got messed up on mine
    2010-04-14 03:17 AM
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    That sucks
    2010-04-14 03:37 AM
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    So could someone just send
    me that file? To replace?

    Or should I just restore and rejailbreak. Will having a rock account save your list?
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    2010-04-15 01:26 AM