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    For the past 3 days when loading Cydia it seems to get stuck on the spinning wheel and "Downloading Packages". I had it running for more than 15 minutes but doesn't seem to complete the process. Any suggestion on how to resolve this?

    2010-04-13 07:53 PM
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    For the past few days, mine has been showing "error: cached failure" at the top of Cydia, followed by specific repo errors. I decided to remove the cydia.miphone.ca repo in multiple locations with SSH, since it seemed to be one of the offending repos.

    Well after a reboot, Cydia now shows "downloading packages" at the top, and will do just that for more than an hour (it may be an infinite loop). I think I'm worse off now. Did you make any modifications to sources before this happened to you?

    Okay, well I was finally able to resolve all of my Cydia issues.

    Here were the 4 sources I deleted (after miphone.ca):
    Hack&Dev [hackndev], winterboarder, howett, and namedfork.


    I found each of these in "More Package Sources" from the Cydia home page, selected each one, clicked Modify, and Remove. Then I was forced to respring, as Cydia got stuck updating sources after the removal.

    Then, I used "WinSCP3" on my computer to SSH to my iPod Touch.
    I copied
    to my computer and used "plist Editor for Windows" to edit it.
    I used CTRL-F to find the keywords above (hackndev, winterboarder, howett, namedfork) and deleted each occurrence, starting with the lines <key> and ending with the lines </dict>. Again, do this step for the first source error that is listed and complete the rest of the steps before deleting another source to avoid unnecessary deletion. After saving, I replaced the .plist on my iPod Touch with the newly modified one from my computer via SSH.

    You might want to respring now.... at least thats what I did.

    The other steps are easily performed on your device in iFile:

    Delete any offending sources in:

    Delete THE LINE OF CODE of any offending sources in:

    Delete any offending sources in:

    Reboot (and reBlackra1n if you're like me)
    Load Cydia, and check errors.

    If errors appear, start at the top of the list again and perform the previous steps. These error listings should be gone permanently. If the .plist editing step is not performed, it very well could reappear after adding another source to Cydia.

    Note: I don't fully understand how Cydia comes up with the list of errors. As I started going through this process, some more errors popped up at the bottom of the list that were not there before. However, ALL ERRORS went away after completing these steps for the 4 sources, which are useless anyway
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    2010-04-14 05:36 AM
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    Thanks for the help, deleting the miphone source fixed the problem for me. Now cydia will finish loading in a normal amount of time.
    2010-04-14 06:57 PM
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    Thanks a bunch "TheNuge" following your instructions did the trick for me. Cheers!!
    2010-04-16 02:12 AM