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    i purchased an ipod touch 64gb 3rd gen of ebay and received it today. I am trying to jailbreak it. I am not to bothered if its tethered or untethered at the moment.

    I have been looking around the forums and have found quite a few posts but the topics seem to go a bit off topic and some people saying you can and some people saying you cant.

    Any way i'll stick to the facts:-

    My ipod touch 64gb 3g is a MC011BT/A not sure what year it was made? if any one has any ideas it will help.

    The firmware the device came with installed was 3.1.2 - i remember reading that it is wise not to "upgrade" to 3.1.3 so when iTunes asked i declined all updates.

    So the simple question is can i jailbreak my device with blackrain or something. If you need more information i'd be happy to help. Also if you can point me to a tutorial or video explaining how to it would be helpful.

    Thank You

    P.s Im running Windows 7.

    After extensive searching and a bit of risk taking i done it.

    Ipod Touch 64GB 3rd generation MC - Tethered Jailbreak.

    Youtube video: - [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfdyV6jEtic]YouTube - Jailbreak 3.1.2 iPod Touch. "MC" Models Guaranteed To Work.[/ame]

    Note:- Windows 7 users or users that get a ash.dll error will need to google search a program called blackfreeze. This will fix the blackra1n exe and the ash.dll error.

    Ok, you've seen all the videos guaranteeing an MC jailbreak, you've followed every step precisely numerous times and your fed up with it not working. You've seen the comments stating that it works but for some reason it doesn't work out for you. Mabey your starting to believe that its just not possible with your iPod for some unexplained reason, or perhaps you feal that god just hates you, your not alone.

    You need to have access to the Admin account on your computer to do this.

    Follow these steps exactly how I wrote them:
    Before you do anything you should restore your iPod *RESTORING IS OPTIONAL*. You should also back it up too, That way you will beable to add all your Apps after its jailbroken.
    Make sure you have 3.1.2 firmware.
    Also, make sure you set up your Wi-Fi before hand. lol.

    -One: Download blackra1n RC3 from blackweather onto your desktop. It works for this, trust me. I've heard people say that RC2 will only work for the MC models but thats ********. Leave it on your desktop. Do not do anything with it yet.

    -Two: Disable any firewalls you have running.

    -Three: Now click Start, Computer/My Computer, and Open your (C Drive (OS) and drag blackra1n from your desktop into the (C Drive window. Minimize that window.

    -Four: Plug in your iPod.

    -Five: Ctrl, Alt, Delete. End any tasks that have anything to do with iTunes. It may also help to close any other programs you have running. Do not close the (C): Drive window.

    -Six: Bring the (C Drive window back up. Right Click blackra1n (If you have Vista DO NOT check Run compatibility mode Windows XP Service Pack 2, trust me, I have Vista.)
    Select Run as administrator. Click "make it ra1n".
    You will see Geohotz' picture on your iPod and within a few seconds a message will pop up basicly saying congrats and to donate if you want. Wait for your iPod to reboot before closing that.
    You may see that "Need to restore" message and iTunes will show an unnamed iPod and everything will say n/a. Just click OK and ignore it. Everything will be fine once it reboots. It may take a few minutes to reboot.

    Congrats, its done!
    Now unplug your iPod and click the "blackra1n" App. Download Cydia. If you also want Rock wait untill Cydia is done installing before installing it. I recommend just getting Cydia. You can always download Rock from Cydia later.
    Once you have Cydia, uninstall blackra1n. This will not effect anything.

    *IMPORTIANT: Never ever upgrade your frimware on your jailbroken iPod/iPhone.

    *ALSO IMPORTIANT: If anything goes wrong, if your iPod gets stuck (DFU, Recovery mode, black screen, anything.) heres what to do: Hold the power and home buttons at the same time for 20 seconds. Your iPod will reboot. Try the jailbreak again.
    As long as you do exactly what I wrote nothing like this should happen. Nothing like that has ever happend to me with this method.

    If your iPod battery happends to run out or if you accidently turn it off heres how to turn it back on. Plug it in, go to your (C Drive and run blackra1n again. Now at first the restore message will pop up, your iPod wont have a name, and everything will be n/a. Don't panic, just close the message and wait for the iPod to reboot. Everything will be fine, all your Apps will still be there and your settings will be the same.
    If you bought your iPod after Sept 9th '09 then this will be tethered. Its not so bad just make sure you charge it every other day.

    *If you deside you do not want a jailbroken iPod anymore simply Restore with iTunes.


    Questions? Comments? leave em.
    If your comment contains a question that cannot simply be answered by a sentence or two I will contact you via PM.

    I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT YOU DO WITH YOUR DEVICE. (Downloads, unlocks, jailbreaks, ect...).

    big thanks to jermhatesyouall
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