1. Rigatony's Avatar
    Hello !

    I'm french and this is my second theme on Modmyi (my first was iGAME&WATCH).
    Here is my new theme, GlassiX, this is a very simple theme :

    He will be available soon for download.
    Thank you !
    Attached Images [PREVIEW] GlassiX-img_0495_2.png 
    2010-04-14 07:13 PM
  2. snowmandc's Avatar
    not to be mean but its kinda really ugly, maybe u should mask out the black behind the icons?
    2010-04-14 07:22 PM
  3. metaserph's Avatar
    Interesting icon frame, good effort. Look forward to your work on this.
    2010-04-14 09:12 PM
  4. Rigatony's Avatar
    That's not finished at all.
    2010-04-14 09:30 PM
  5. Speedy_x's Avatar
    This could go either way, it could be really good or really bad. I hope it's really good, I'll keep an eye on this one.
    2010-04-15 06:40 PM