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    Hi folks. Very new to modding my phone but I have been pouring over the forums and downloading many samples from Cydia, but I need someone to set me straight on the graphics involved in modifying the lockscreen on my iPhone. I have posted a pic.

    My questions are, which files are related to the status bar up top (I've highlighted in red). I want to be able to manipulate this and my understanding is that it takes 2 files - a light and a dark, but I want to make it transparent and I'm not sure how to next into my current lockscreen theme.

    Second, I want to get rid of the shading around the clock. Highlighted in green. Just transparent/invisible. I have seen a million posts on this and most suggest putting in a clear topbarbkgnd.png or bottombarbkgndlock.png in com.apple.TelephonyUI. I have done that and not seeing any results -- feel like I'm missing something there.

    Reverse engineering themes already done has helped me figure out the slider and I'm working on some custom status bar logos for carrier, wifi and battery now but my two questions above have eluded me. Thanks!!

    2010-04-14 11:28 PM
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    2010-04-16 08:10 AM