1. n00neimp0rtant's Avatar
    Since Circuitous isn't really themable through WinterBoard because of its implementation, I figured I'd post this here. I originally got this dock off of the site-which-must-not-be-named, but I edited it a little, made two different versions of it, and provided it here for you today! It looks really great, much like the stock iPhone dock. Here are some screenshots:

    To install, simply replace the Background.png in /Library/Circuitous/ with whichever background you want.

    This includes both a "right" and "left" version so the shading is lighter at the top either way (Circuitous rotates the dock image upside-down rather than flipping it horizontally so if you don't use the right version, the shading will appear upside-down).

    2010-04-15 11:18 PM
  2. wim66's Avatar
    Looks nice, thanks.

    2010-04-16 12:04 AM
  3. DaveLaSoul's Avatar
    This looks good. And I love 'John Carter's text message.
    2010-04-18 03:17 AM
  4. n00neimp0rtant's Avatar
    No, that was mine to him. Lol.
    2010-04-18 04:11 AM
  5. Timka21105's Avatar
    me likey
    Tima Kudinov
    2010-04-23 05:58 AM
  6. karl184's Avatar
    Can this be ported to the new version 2.x?
    2010-06-05 06:50 PM
  7. smeeshum's Avatar
    Yeah? If we could have one turned around for a bottom and top dock that'd be wicked!
    2010-06-05 07:43 PM
  8. n00neimp0rtant's Avatar
    Actually I was probably going to make one that highly resembled the 4.0 multitasking dock bg to "hold us over" for the real thing, hah
    2010-06-05 08:33 PM
  9. karl184's Avatar
    That would also be nice. Can we see it?
    2010-06-06 06:06 PM