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    Hi guys I've got a problem, I recently got an ipod touch 1G off a mate and I want to downgrade it to 1.1.1, yeah sounds dumb but thats why I bought it from him, ive got a ipt 3G for the newest stuff.

    How the hell do I downgrade? I've tried the DFU shift restore trick and all that hasn't been working. Im out of ideas.

    I have the following.
    Windows XP Home (SP3)
    An iPod touch 1G
    The 1.1.1 ipt 1g IPSW
    The 2.0.0 ipt 1g IPSW
    The 3.0.0 ipt 1g IPSW

    Im real stuck now so any help would be greatly appreicated, thanks, Simon

    EDIT: Google aint helping one bit. Although i Hve noticed there are different button sequences for kicking the device into DFU mode? are these different DFU modes? Again Please, any help would be of great help
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