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    A 266 Panoramic
    266 Panoramic depends on 266 System which is THE most complete theme available!
    Complete UI, Statusbars, Keypads, Apple Apps including full Calculator, Voice Memos, Messages, iPod, Dailer, Calendar, Safari, Mail, Settings, YouTube, Maps, Camera, Notes… !!!

    266 Panoramic uses a different image on each page of your Springboard to create (as the name suggests) a panoramic view across 6 pages. Be the envy of your friends with this fantastic and unique theme!

    Existing users say call 266 "a rocking theme", "Gimme, gimme!!!", "Love how you are still working on it to make it the best theme known to man" & "this is by far the best theme out there, new themes keep popping up but can't even touch this one. Keep up the great work!"

    Post your questions and comments here, or visit Blog | iPhone 266 for friendly help & support.

    New video guides coming soon....

    Additional Packages.
    Don't forget to search Cydia and download the free 266 packages that include:
    266 Icon Packs (Ultimate [NEW!] plus v1 & v2)
    266 Iconoclasm Layouts (38 individual layouts!)
    Attached Thumbnails [UPDATE] A 266 Panoramic - official mmi support thread-266-v21-pantoronto.jpg  
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    this theme johny is amazing.
    just reminding you
    2010-04-20 01:51 AM
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    this theme johny is amazing.
    just reminding you
    Thanks! I try my best
    2010-04-20 01:53 AM
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    Video guide for this one is in the making...!!!

    It's come to my attention that some people are not too sure whats included in A 266 Collection so I thought I'd break it down...

    These are just the Winterboard Packages:
    A 266 System:
    266 BG Pattern
    266 BG Stripes
    266 BossPaper Reveal
    266 Intelliscreen
    266 LiveClock
    266 LiveClock No Seconds
    266 NoTime Statusbar
    266 Slide to Unlock
    266 System (arguably THE most complete System skin available)

    266 Quick:
    266 City Chicago
    266 City Chicago BW
    266 City NYC
    266 City NYC BW
    266 City Paris
    266 City Paris BW
    266 City Toronto
    266 City Toronto BW
    266 Quick 12hr
    266 Quick 12hr NoLock
    266 Quick 24hr
    266 Quick 24hr NoLock
    266 Quick-er (beta_d)

    266 Panoramic:
    266 Pan 12hr
    266 Pan 12hr NoLock
    266 Pan 24hr
    266 Pan 24hr NoLock
    266 Pan 12hr
    266 Pan Arena
    266 Pan Arena BW
    266 Pan Falls
    266 Pan Falls BW
    266 Pan NYC
    266 Pan NYC BW
    266 Pan Toronto
    266 Pan Toronto BW

    You also get the following extras:
    A 266 System:
    LockInfo Theme
    WeatherIcon theme
    6 Wallpapers (via Wallpaper in Settings)
    18 Category Icons
    Intelliscreen Skin
    SBSettings Skin & 32 themed Toggles

    266 Quick:
    16 Wallpapers (via Wallpaper in Settings)
    18 Category Icons
    9 BossPaper Packs

    266 Panoramic:
    16 Wallpapers (via Wallpaper in Settings)
    14 Category Icons (x2 icon packs)

    You may also want to grab the free downloads from Cydia;
    266 Icon Packs including 266 Icons v1, 266 Icons v2 and 266 Icons Ultimate
    266 Iconoclasm Layouts (38 different layouts)
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    Very Beautiful. Guys
    2010-04-22 11:14 AM
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    I'm making the 266 Icons Ultimate template files available for people to create their own!

    I will still be releasing regular updates with new icons but for those who want to create your own or simply can't wait for updates you can now use the Fireworks or Photoshop template to make your own 266 Icons Ultimate.

    You can download the files direct from this link.

    If you create icons please upload them to the 266 website so I can include them in the official Icon Packs.
    2010-06-13 06:30 PM
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    Original theme. Nice job.
    2010-06-17 08:34 PM
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    what specific font does this theme use? on the sb is it rockwell for #'s and helvetica for the lettering?
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    JB FTW!
    My Themes
    2010-06-24 05:06 AM
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    New update info for 266 can be found at this post
    2010-06-28 11:11 AM
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    thx for sharing such a great theme!!!!
    2010-06-28 04:19 PM
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    266 has just been updated and sent to Cydia – now has HD icons and supports iOS 3.1 – 4.2.1

    Also just uploaded it to Theme It !!!!

    266 Panoramic now works with PerPageHTML – New set up guides coming soon!

    A 266 Collection is now available on ThemeIt & will soon be updated on Cydia

    Theme it - The Themes > Details

    This is still an sd theme but now with HD ICONS!!

    This thread is no longer active

    Please refer to the official 266 Collection support thread located here:

    I want to consolidate all support to the above thread and will no longer be watching this one.

    Thanks to all the 266 users and supporters!
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    2011-03-09 12:14 PM