1. unoimkll's Avatar
    Hello everyone, I am in the process of working on anew update for my theme ACUTE. (Go check it out if you want http://modmyi.com/forums/new-skins-t...ase-acute.html)

    I am askin you fine gentlemen (and beautiful ladies) for your help!

    I'm sure you have all come across an unthemed cydia icon before. All I'm asking is for a screen shot of the unthemed icon.

    You see I can't get all cydia apps by myself I have resorted to this elite forum for assistance.

    Please... I am askin you with th le deepest sincerety, if you may deselect the theme your are using for five minutes, screen shot your cydia apps, and post the screens here. Simple and you are contributing to a cause of epic proportions.

    My latest theme ACUTE will be attempting to banish the infamous cydia app icon problem.

    Thank you again soooo much and I shall hit the THANK button for ALL of you who help me out.


    2010-04-20 03:35 PM