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    The theme is created for the LockInfo application, therefor works best with it. but i will provide with a widget theme with the release, notice that IT WILL NOT WORK AS GOOD AS THE LockInfo theme.

    i will not make loads of icons, one i don't use that many applications, two, way to much work, but there will be a Photoshop file that you can edit your own Icons, ONLY FOR THE INTERNET ICONS.

    i used ALIEN1974's icons for the menu page, only because there would not be any difference in mine, so that saved me some time. Full credit goes to ALIEN1974 for those!!

    About the theme, almost the entire UI has been modified, new menu-header, sms-background and balloons, loading image, settings background, and a lot of other menu stuff, a lot has been taken from the Matte UI.

    Theme requirements:
    LockInfo (most important in order to get the most of the theme)
    Infinidock (optional)
    Infiniboard (optional)
    Five-Column SpringBoard


    For LockInfo app..change the weather location inside com.ashman.LockInfo/Scripts/configureMe.js

    for Normal theme.. change Widget/Weather/Scripts/configureMe.js

    [Activator App]

    Under Slide in Gesture choose;
    From Screen Bottom-Left---->Phone
    From Screen Bottom-Right--->Messages

    IMO this is one of the best apps that ever happened to iPhone, so many shortcut can be made with this..



    here is a video of the theme in action:



    iVaal HTC HD2 theme :
    IVaal HTC HD2


    hope you like it and enjoy it!!

    Attached Thumbnails [Preview] iHTC HD2 animated flipclock with weather-mainny.png  
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    2010-04-23 03:56 PM
  2. snowmandc's Avatar
    super cool!! but the video doesnt work for me, it says its private.
    2010-04-23 04:02 PM
  3. obsessionXYZ's Avatar
    oops.. video link updated.. its not set to private now
    2010-04-23 04:05 PM
  4. toawkanavngthded's Avatar
    that looks pretty legit. i also love how the flip clock actually "flips". good job. looking forward to the release
    2010-04-23 04:23 PM
  5. yusuf530i's Avatar
    Looks good. Could you make the weather abit smaller?

    That clock is very nice!
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    2010-04-23 04:35 PM
  6. lil red wagon's Avatar
    looks good... i vote yes....
    2010-04-23 04:47 PM
  7. valadril's Avatar
    I like the big weather lol love the flip can't wait
    2010-04-23 05:16 PM
  8. Dizave619's Avatar
    make the weather smaller and make it a 12hr clock w/am pm. Now ALIEN1974 just needs to add this flip clock/tap to update weather to his True HTC theme and it will be perfect.
    2010-04-23 05:55 PM
  9. itouch8112's Avatar
    2010-04-23 06:07 PM
  10. holdemdogg's Avatar
    Very intersted I am most intersted in how you get it to update by touching it I could use this in many many of my weatherwidgets.

    I have a ton of HD2 origanal images from the rom if you want to trade lol
    2010-04-23 06:27 PM
  11. aimetti's Avatar
    i think it looks great. I have been watching aliens thread w/ animated weather and it looks awesome. Adding your flip clock to that would be just amazing combined. But either way , yours is very very nice as well.
    2010-04-23 06:57 PM
  12. kwickone's Avatar
    I'm interested too.
    kwickone I.T.H.
    2010-04-23 07:10 PM
  13. zausser's Avatar
    That was pretty cool... great job. Weather does look big. but would need to see it with the other icons to be sure. Great work.
    2010-04-23 07:19 PM
  14. obsessionXYZ's Avatar
    thank you people, i will certainly make this for you guys then, give me some time to perfect it.

    i'll try to release it, as LockBackground.html, Wallpaper.html, Widget.html and of course the modded LockInfo html..

    i will also make AM/PM for the people that prefer that instead of 24h.

    as for now to its not possible to change wallpaper, due to the Weather images.

    @Holdemdogg, i very interested in those files.

    i can also release the flipclock as on separate file so you can use i as you want..

    please understand that it will take a couple of week to complete,

    my goals it to have a complete theme.

    2010-04-23 07:25 PM
  15. sogo's Avatar
    This is pretty awesome and I think the flip-clock as a standalone would be beast; that way we could use with other themes.
    2010-04-23 08:12 PM
  16. ziggy7's Avatar
    i too think the weather is a touch on the large side, love the clock flip, keep working on it! it looks great

    maybe you should give Alien a shout, you two could conbine the two themes?!?

    Edit- Combine, whoops
    Last edited by ziggy7; 2010-04-24 at 12:22 AM. Reason: Automerged Doublepost
    2010-04-24 12:22 AM
  17. battlecrushr's Avatar
    did that clock just flip
    2010-04-24 01:36 AM
  18. ziggy7's Avatar
    lol @ battlecrushr
    2010-04-24 01:58 AM
  19. Raaj FX was banned's Avatar
    looks amazing !

    are you gonna release the animated weather and flip clock seperately ? so people can add it to their current HTC themes ?
    2010-04-24 01:59 AM
  20. Brad1279's Avatar
    yes i want, the Alien one does not work on my shitty iphone, this i know it would. please release.
    2010-04-24 02:11 AM
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