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    I am currently looking for an idea for a theme that I am going to make. I want this theme to be something original that no one else has done without needing extensive mobile substrate set-ups. For example; ikarat is a beautiful theme that I have seen nothing similar to. It also uses the simple default 4x4 springboard and dock, but works with other tweaks.

    I have not made a complete theme by myself yet, so i am very excited.

    If you have any ideas please tell me.

    Here's an icons i've been thinking about:

    Theme ideas-anothertest.png

    Tell me what you think.

    Thanks for all your help. I've started my theme. You can see it here:
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    2010-04-25 12:09 AM
  2. santaf's Avatar
    hey thanks man haha if you want to know my advice then it is this on what i do.

    for both my themes what i did was just sit down and opened photoshop and messed with shapes, and gradients, and strokes bevels satin jsut all the layer styles until i found one i like, or you can try to look around you see what you think looks like acool border or soemething what would make for a cool icon. before iKarat i thought my samsung tv would make a cool icon, so i sat in photoshop and made an icon out of it, it didn't work out so well though. but if you jsut think for a bit and think what could be easy to mod. because i think it all depends on what you can do to the theme, because everyone wants their own style when they buy a theme, so an easily modable theme is what you want

    sorry i dont have any other ideas for you but maybe some things to try good luck i always start with the icons then build off of them. though others may do otherwise.
    2010-04-25 10:47 AM
  3. 1PM@N!O's Avatar
    k thanks dude.

    Thanks for the pointer about starting with icons. That probably is easiest. I think I'll get the springboard nice and pretty before moving on to the UI.

    As for an idea for a theme... I'm thinking of something dark, with a lot of glowing abstract stuff. Just a random idea I had. Are there many random glowey themes in cydia?

    I was also thinking about doing a metalic theme, but I'm sure there are already a ton of those.
    2010-04-25 07:18 PM
  4. santaf's Avatar
    i was thinking about a metalic theme too, i even made icons i really liked for it, but they ended up looking kindof like ielegance, so i didn't use them, though i still have them on my computer maybe i'll make a small free theme with them.

    i think your abstract theme could be good, i can't think of any theme that is really abstract all around.
    2010-04-25 10:06 PM
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    I found a couple icons that my cousin made a while back:

    Theme ideas-clock1.png

    Theme ideas-mail2.png

    Theme ideas-weather1.png

    They didn't look very good, but I think with a little more skill I may be able to make my own icons of this style. I'm gonna try to make icons like these later today.
    2010-04-25 10:23 PM
  6. santaf's Avatar
    ths is good if youw ant to be making an icon theme. By that i mean you focus everyting in icons, because all icons will have to be this style if you want the theme to look nice, meaning there will be icon requests for tons of icons out there and you can't just run a script to make it fast and easy. but those types of themes are good too those are the old school ones :P would loo nice though i will admit
    2010-04-25 10:34 PM
  7. 1PM@N!O's Avatar
    Yah I started making an icon and I really don't think this is going to work. I was unable to get the icon to look very good and I went through quite a bit of trouble for just one icon.

    I did however have a little fun making one simple icon:

    Theme ideas-test.png

    What do you think of it?

    I was thinking I might be able to put a little logo on the bottom part later
    2010-04-25 11:14 PM
  8. 1PM@N!O's Avatar
    Here's the same thing, but with a few cheesy little logos.:

    Theme ideas-app-store.png

    Theme ideas-test.png

    Theme ideas-anothertest.png
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  9. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    In an icon type theme, having an icon that can easily be made or done with an auto create in the UI is by far the best way. (Also sharing the psd files so others can make their own)
    Doing icon requests by the hundreds can be time consuming as well as frustrating.
    K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid) is my motto, but it also has to capture the essence of the theme.
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    2010-04-26 01:43 AM
  10. 1PM@N!O's Avatar
    In an icon type theme, having an icon that can easily be made or done with an auto create in the UI is by far the best way. (Also sharing the psd files so others can make their own)
    Doing icon requests by the hundreds can be time consuming as well as frustrating.
    K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid) is my motto, but it also has to capture the essence of the theme.
    Yah thanks. That does seem like the best idea. I probably will end up making them auto-create and I'm liking that metallic appstore icon I made, so there is a pretty good chance that icons like that will be part of the theme.

    And I have some great news about those icons. Photoshop crashed and I had never saved the files! Yah now I'll have to start over on those icons. For me it always seems that you can never get it to look just as good the second time around.

    I'm thinking that the theme of my theme will be something like "the unknown"

    I'm thinking of making it metallic, dark, and mysterious.
    What do you guys think about this idea?
    2010-04-26 02:14 AM
  11. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    Having a concept will make it flow and easier to build on. As SantaF said, most start with an icon and an idea and then go from there. It may change 10 times before your release. Have fun and keep on PhotoChopping.
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    2010-04-26 02:21 AM
  12. 1PM@N!O's Avatar
    Which icons do you guys prefer?

    Theme ideas-cautionsetting.png

    Theme ideas-caustionradio.png
    2010-04-26 02:42 AM
  13. santaf's Avatar
    i like the toxic, maybe when you release have the psd be blank though with a logo example on another layer, so that way people can have the icons blank if they want, or make their own logo good job, and i know what you mean it's always hard to make something the second time around, when you were just messing around. my iMANA icons i accidently saved over, and so i spend days trying to get something even close to the first ones i made and i could just not get it, still didn't get it but i liked the new ones i got they were kind of close. also my action script didn't save when my photoshop crashed haha. good luck with this theme mate.
    2010-04-27 09:46 PM
  14. 1PM@N!O's Avatar
    I really like the icons I made, but I'm not really sure I want to go through with them and make a whole theme. So I took the same idea and tried made this:

    Theme ideas-safari.png
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    2010-04-28 01:03 AM
  15. santaf's Avatar
    2010-04-28 01:48 AM
  16. 1PM@N!O's Avatar
    looks good, maybe make it a little bigger?
    I think I will try doing that.

    I started making it with the intention of making it a lil smaller than standard because i generally like smaller icons. As soon as I tried to reapply a logo at the bottom, I realized it was too small. The logo was too small to see what it was. I think I'll get it to a size where with the glow it ends up being 55x55-60x60.
    2010-04-28 03:22 AM
  17. santaf's Avatar
    sounds good and you will be able to auto create these at that size makes for a good theme when people get icons automatically made haha
    2010-04-28 03:28 AM
  18. 1PM@N!O's Avatar
    So I made that icon and have been very busy so i haven't done much more phototshoping, but have done some thinking. I'm having touble thinking of a "theme" for my theme.

    Please help
    2010-04-30 04:46 AM
  19. santaf's Avatar
    hmm that is tough to come up with something i'll get back to you if i think of anything keep thinking though
    2010-04-30 04:53 AM
  20. 1PM@N!O's Avatar
    I think I got it!

    I think its going to be a mysterious/magical theme. I remember back when I was first learning how to photoshop I had learned about a "magic effect" I think I'm gonna use something like that for the wallpaper. Here take a look at this little draft I made:

    This is not close to being the final springboard. This was just a quick draft I made in photoshop. I didn't really like how the wall turned out, so I'll probably start over on that.

    Heres a little update:

    I worked a little more on the icon. I think I've gotten to pretty much where I want it. I wasn't able to get it as sleek as I was hoping, but this should work.

    I think that this theme is a keeper. I think I will go through with it and hopefully make it look nice. What do you guys think?
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