1. gary86's Avatar
    anyone else have bad battery life after jailbreak? I only have backgrounder, SBSettings, poof installed
    2010-05-04 02:00 AM
  2. mixomatosys's Avatar
    i haven't tested it extensivly however i've been using it all day getting jailbreak apps and i'm only at 83%. seems normal to me.
    2010-05-04 02:27 AM
  3. signalpuppet's Avatar
    I have also not noticed any change in my battery. Maybe give us some more detail about what you are doing on your ipad so we can better help you.
    2010-05-04 02:33 AM
  4. Poseidon79's Avatar
    This happens EVERY time people jailbreak not b/c jailbreaking causes worse battery life.. but because people don't put their iDevice down for more than 2 seconds b/c their busy modding and downloading. Refer to the following article to educate yourself about battery life:
    iPhone battery | iPhone News, Help and Guides
    2010-05-04 02:35 AM
  5. G-Unot2100's Avatar
    My battery life was always perfect even when I had like 10 mobile substrate addons.
    2010-05-04 02:59 AM
  6. brokentwice's Avatar
    yeah running fine here have been modding my icons and so on all day still at 92%
    2010-05-04 03:06 AM
  7. drunix's Avatar
    Backgrounding kills the batt and if you put attention, u don't need it
    In Costa Rica Beaches w/ my unix box.
    2010-05-04 04:00 AM
  8. G-Unot2100's Avatar
    That's true.
    2010-05-04 04:04 AM
  9. Imahottguy's Avatar
    Yeah, I only get twenty minutes of battery now.. Oh wait, no I don't lol. backgrounder puts apps that aren't really supposed to run in the background in there. What do you expect when you start adding daemons and whatnot that run in the background?
    And it will be like a taco inside a taco within a Taco Bell that's inside a KFC that's within a mall that's inside your dream!
    2010-05-04 04:42 AM
  10. Drybonz's Avatar
    Mine has been fine... like everyone else is saying, make sure, now that you have installed backgroundr, that you don't have something running in the background all the time. Running apps will use battery life.
    2010-05-04 04:44 AM
  11. Gom33's Avatar
    anyone else have bad battery life after jailbreak? I only have backgrounder, SBSettings, poof installed
    just an fyi- you don't need poof if you haev sbsettings installed. if you bring up sbsettings and click more on bottom left corner there is a hide icons (poof) tab so you can hide your icons.
    Click that "Thanks" button if I helped you!
    2010-05-04 07:10 AM
  12. kmmxracer's Avatar
    Is there any alternitves to backgrouder then?
    2010-05-05 01:42 AM
  13. CaptainChaos's Avatar
    Backgrounder is fine, but just remember to remove apps from backgrounding when they are not in use.
    2010-05-05 02:05 AM
  14. G-Unot2100's Avatar
    Yeah there's nothing else besides backgrounder.
    2010-05-08 02:38 AM
  15. zurie's Avatar
    I have bad battery life too... SBSettings... but I think it may be something else running that is killing it.. maybe OpenSSH or soemthing as a system daemon (not a mobile substrate daemon)

    I can sit at 25% battery and holding the ipad in my hand and within 2 or 3 minutes it's down to 19%.

    Some mobile substrate daemons hook into certain apps only, so the ones that are springboard related would be more of a culprit than say something that only hooks into mail (like attachment saver).

    but activator, sbsettings, firewall, etc would be the battery killers vs a stock ipad.
    2010-05-08 06:23 AM
  16. G-Unot2100's Avatar
    Sbseettings and openssh really are not the battery killers. They use so little battery abd ram that you cant notice it.
    2010-05-08 08:01 AM
  17. Drybonz's Avatar
    Mine has gotten really bad too... obviously draining way faster than it should. I don't have backgroundr installed. Just SBSettings, Winterboard, Activator and Categories. I had OpenSSH, but I just removed it. It seems like Winterboard should use some battery, but not nearly as fast as mine is being used. Not sure what could be causing it.
    2010-05-08 04:01 PM
  18. Matth3w's Avatar
    I uninstalled backgrounder by just long pressing and hitting X. Is that enough to uninstall or should I have done it differently?

    The only app I have installed otherwise is SNES/Rock and I too have noticed a battery drain even when I'm not playing that.
    2010-05-08 05:14 PM
  19. zurie's Avatar
    well I toggled OpenSSH off in SBSettings and I am now getting MUCH better battery life. Been playing the iPod app for over 2 hours now and only went from 100% to 93% with volume full blast and the screen on. The author of OpenSSH claims there is no battery life because he is only toggling a listener for a port but I definetally notice a difference in something I did.

    Here is what I turned off

    OpenSSH (toggled off in SBSettings)

    MobileSubstrate Addons:

    Activator - Off
    PrivaCy - off
    notifier - off

    i think I turned notifier off earlier and didn't see a change in background so it could be PrivaCy which blocks adds and info going to certain sites via appstore apps, and Activator

    I am putting more weight on OpenSSH and Activator...

    I'll stay skeptical until I can start running some tests on battery usage and try more consistant variables.

    maybe charge to 100% enable openSSH and my culprit mobile substrate mods and then run a 10 minute audio file at full volume.

    check battery life, then kill all OpenSSH / mobile substrate mods, recharge to 100% and then run the same 10 minute file and compare.
    2010-05-08 05:27 PM
  20. Matth3w's Avatar
    How do you disable activator and notifier?
    2010-05-08 05:33 PM
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