1. 1PM@N!O's Avatar
    Here's a nice little theme I have begun to create:

    and maybe eventually:

    Tell me what you think.

    Nothing you see in this screenshot is final, just some ideas. I will probably make the inside of the icons more unique later on.

    I've found the name finally. The theme will be called Mag?c. Special thanks to Spenny from Xsell for the name.
    Attached Thumbnails [WIP]   Mag?c-springboard.png  
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    2010-05-05 03:01 AM
  2. holdemdogg's Avatar
    Im liking the icons I'd like to see where you go from here
    2010-05-05 03:05 AM
  3. Maarten16's Avatar
    I like the icons a lot!

    you want flashy name? : "Flash"
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    Master Theme Creator
    2010-05-05 03:14 AM
  4. 1PM@N!O's Avatar
    I think I got a flashy name!

    How about: Buhzshaeng!

    It would take me too long to explain where this word comes from, but in short:

    One day I was with some friends and started using it thinking it was a real word. My friend gave me the great spelling.
    2010-05-05 03:18 AM
  5. Maarten16's Avatar
    lol, but will be hard for people to share, look:
    Hey how's that theme called?
    -Buhzshaen something, google it!
    Good idea! but how do you spell it?
    -I really have no idea...

    u get me?
    If you'd like, follow me on Twitter: @16Maarten
    Master Theme Creator
    2010-05-05 03:19 AM
  6. 1PM@N!O's Avatar
    2010-05-05 03:21 AM
  7. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    I'm likin' it, the white line above the dock in kinda in your face for me perhaps. Icons are looking cool. Keep on Photo-Choppin.
    2010-05-05 03:26 AM
  8. metaserph's Avatar
    Cool concept. I'd prefer a slighty less bold version myself, but looks cool. Kudos!
    2010-05-05 03:38 AM
  9. thetjshow's Avatar
    keep at it mate! or how about purple haze? lol buzhaeischenga sounded cool too..!!

    2010-05-05 03:45 AM
  10. 1PM@N!O's Avatar

    A lockscreen I'm working on. Tell me what you think, and thanks for all your previous opinions.

    My plan is to make the same kind of ? depression where the slider will be.
    I'm not sure about how the metal thingy will end up looking. It all depends on how I chose to make the final UI.
    2010-05-05 03:51 AM
  11. s1l3nt's Avatar
    looks nice icons looks great
    2010-05-05 03:53 AM
  12. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    If you look at some of the themes that the veteran themes are making, you could gather some ideas and go from there.
    Also, having a lockscreen that is customizable and can be personalized is always a good deal, people love personal touches.
    2010-05-05 03:58 AM
  13. holdemdogg's Avatar
    Call it "Passion" purple passion
    2010-05-05 04:12 AM
  14. 1PM@N!O's Avatar
    Call it "Passion" purple passion
    Passion sounds like a nice name.

    If by purple passion you are referring to the gayest joke in the world... then I rofl.

    Thanks for mentioning purple passion. It has made me realize that this theme is really purply. My goal is to have the theme just as blue as it is purple. I'll have to tweak the gradients later.
    2010-05-05 04:31 AM
  15. June'sIphone's Avatar
    Looking sweet man! Great job, def lovin the icons!!
    2010-05-05 04:54 AM
  16. Raaj FX was banned's Avatar
    really nice icons
    2010-05-05 05:17 AM
  17. battlecrushr's Avatar
    wow dude so many great themes are coming out.

    looks amazing
    2010-05-05 05:28 AM
  18. PhanaticD's Avatar
    dude that is sexy! haha "sexy flavor power blast" should be the name!

    lol dont "tone it down" keep at it man

    it reminds me of grape soda, and the ocean for some reason
    2010-05-05 05:29 AM
  19. metaserph's Avatar
    It could also be Purple Haze And i hope you don't think I was asking for you to change it. Though I'm more the subdued flavor, I enjoy everyone's creations. This is very cool.
    2010-05-05 05:33 AM
  20. santaf's Avatar
    looking excellent dude hah great job i would suggest keeping the status bar background a constant color, and maybe switch like make the FSO blue and the Default purple for images on the status bar? i think that might be pretty sweet. and have the status bar be a black or grey
    2010-05-05 06:42 AM
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