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  1. noreason4's Avatar
    Hello together,

    i got a silly question: Does jailbreaking cause any troubles with the push notifications? I heard that jailbroken iphones cannot receive them or even worse receive push msgs from other people.

    Is there any difference between the 3G and Wifi only model considering this?

    Thanks alot!
    2010-05-05 12:10 PM
  2. casewicked's Avatar
    I've only got the wifi model, but mine are working.
    32GB 3GS / iPad Wi-Fi 32GB
    2010-05-05 05:52 PM
  3. CHI3F's Avatar
    This is only if you unlock which you will never have to worry about with the ipad. You can jailbreak with a happy heart.
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    2010-05-06 02:58 AM