1. 1st Shift's Avatar
    This is a new beautiful theme that I have started. It should be released into Cydia soon.
    Full UIImages,mask and so on. The theme will be set up so once checked in Winterboard enjoy
    It is very complete and I hope you all will enjoy it.

    Attached Thumbnails [preview] widmer theme-fotoflexer_photo.png  
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    2010-05-05 09:42 PM
  2. Raptors's Avatar
    woahhh, this is pretty nice!!

    good job
    2010-05-05 09:46 PM
  3. 1st Shift's Avatar
    Thank you

    I need to get a good widget for lock screen know anyone can help?
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    2010-05-05 10:19 PM
  4. SirTimothy1's Avatar
    2010-05-05 10:36 PM
  5. 1st Shift's Avatar
    Thank you hopefully be out soon!!!!
    2010-05-05 11:05 PM
  6. EddieLeonard's Avatar
    looks great
    love the icons
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    2010-05-06 12:08 AM
  7. Maarten16's Avatar
    love it!
    If you'd like, follow me on Twitter: @16Maarten
    Master Theme Creator
    2010-05-06 12:11 AM
  8. zausser's Avatar
    Very nice.
    2010-05-06 12:30 AM
  9. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    Looks very complete and thought out. Awesome work.
    And a new member too, Welcome to MMi
    2010-05-06 01:00 AM
  10. 1st Shift's Avatar
    Thank you means alot are you good with widgets?

    Next lockscreen time to get busy
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    2010-05-06 04:20 AM
  11. metaserph's Avatar
    Very nice work mate!
    2010-05-06 05:02 AM
  12. 1st Shift's Avatar
    Thank you metaserph mean alot !!!!

    All of you guys have inspired me thank you !!

    Lockscreen is done release soon.
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    2010-05-07 12:48 AM
  13. 1st Shift's Avatar
    Thanks bro release soon on Cydia make sure to pick it up
    2010-05-12 01:19 AM
  14. J1Nx's Avatar
    Also huge follower on YouTube and facebook! Any idea when it's coming out?
    2010-05-12 01:35 AM
  15. bostonguy3737's Avatar
    Nice release, you should have the thread changed to that instead of preview so you can get more action on your theme...very cool icons by the way.

    "We are sheep among wolves, be wise as serpents yet innocent as doves"
    Gone Baby Gone
    2010-05-17 01:39 AM
  16. Star784's Avatar
    the theme looks great. but whats the theme that is in hte mystrings video u made? looks amazing.
    2010-05-17 01:31 PM
  17. iPhoneMuscle's Avatar
    Hahaha. I see my brother has finally found where it's really going down!,,, Welcome bro!!
    2010-05-18 03:42 PM
  18. s1l3nt's Avatar
    very nice theme its already released just letting you guys know should change it to released
    2010-05-21 06:25 PM
  19. spartacus maximus's Avatar
    where is the template psd please
    2010-06-03 01:19 PM
  20. boogila2's Avatar
    When I activate this awesome theme on my ipod touch the dock icons are raised higher than they are supposed to be. see the screenshot attached. Can someone please Help me ANY advice is appreciated. I have an ipod touch 2g non mc model with ios4 installed.
    Attached Thumbnails [preview] widmer theme-img_0001.png  
    2010-07-24 02:20 AM