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    Hope there is an answer or solution somewhere out here I have a JB iPad and a JB iPhone 3GS. If I use MiWi with the 3GS, my iPad connects to it without issues. If I use my Vista Ad-Hoc, my 3GS connects without issue to it. If I try to connect my iPad which has the same settings as my 3GS to the ad-hoc, it will not connect. I am losing my hair from all my head scratching when trying to figure this out over the last few days. I have searched the entire web for a solution, and the ones out there do not work. Anyone else having this issue?? I have tried hard reset as well as every other ad-hoc configuration I can find. Again, my iPhone connects to the same network without issue with the same settings. Why can't my iPad do the same?? Thx
    2010-05-06 06:21 AM
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    Guess no one else is having this problem, or there is no known solution
    2010-05-07 07:04 AM