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    G-day, again.

    Two posts in two days. Thanks for the help with the other issue.

    Once I got my jailbroken itouch back up and running, I began organizing all the new apps with categories. I started noticing that some of the apps were going missing. For instance, in the "Games" folder, there were 10 listed, I set up another folder for utilities, and when I went back, the "games" folder was still there but empty.

    I followed the help in with categories, removed all folders, uninstalled with cydia, reset my itouch but the icons are still gone. When I search I can find them and run them, I just can't see them on the springboard.

    I re-installed categories this morning and still no icons. Nothing was toggled as hidden but still, my icons went missing.

    I decided to hide everything and then unhide, and low and behold, they popped back onto the spring board.

    So, if anyone experiences this, try re-installing, hiding and then un-hiding. It worked for me without having to re-install or format.

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